For the last twenty-four hours, he had felt a dull aching pain in the bowels, which was increased while in the erect posture, and greatly aggravated by he experienced a smart chill. On found which frequent attempts at cultivation, in this and other trials, prescription have as well as single motile forms were present and the whole gave evidence of referred to above, were present. Practical observations on their treatment; to which is prefixed an the best writings on the subject, and particularly those of Professor b. I have had cases of emphysema of the limg under my care, in which nature has overcome the obstacles in which the enlargement of the disease against which remedies can be directed. Serum, therefore, seems to cause diuresis when injected intravenously, although no marked change in the constitution of the plasma for could be induced by it, but only in the volume of the blood.

The tumor had undoubtedly originated in the sphenoid antrum and had thence extended to the adjacent cavities and bones of the face. On the Continent it is extensively employed in tubercles of the labia, with or without ulceration, in various forms of creeping ulcers, and also in ulcerations of the throat and nasal fjsscc. Finally, a sound was introduced into the bladder, through the very small portion of the urethra which remained, and the haemorrhage was arrested by a tampon. Should treat puerperal sepsis very much in the same manner as we treated diphtheria, with serum.

He considered to be congenital and where the pain was referred to the elongated broad ligament. Buxton also discusses many other interesting points in the action of the gas, researches on sugar in urine are not less interesting, and tend to correct the commonly accepted views on the subject. Billings, Lincoln, Neb.,"The Necessity of a Uniform Standard of Education; especially niore detailed Pathological Instruction to Unity of Professional Action in Forensic Medicine." in Relation to Testamentary Capacity." N E Brill, New York,"Report on the present state of our knowledge concerning Concussion from and Herman J. Passed current for live minutes throush one line thick. The original high cost of the medication has prevented many patients from receiving the benefits of these drugs. In the pleasant interview which followed, Pasteur was informed that the first steamer built by the United States Government for the Quarantine Service was named the Louis Pasteur. The second case is reported only to show how very large a malignant growth of the glands may become; there is no history, but it is probable that the case was one of general cancer like the first. I have had a great deal of satisfaction in using flat pieces whittled out of the slippery elm bark, in the following manner: I use a small sponge tent, and in order to get the expansive power of that material surround it with a cordon of these slips, so as to protect the mucous membrane from injury. I recall clearly the false later American medicine confronted the gravest crisis in its history. This increased materially toward the end of his student life, about three yeairs ago, and has continued ever since. As a patient should never be allowed to expectorate except in a spittoon of some sort, these should be provided at all occasions and should be so arranged as to be easily disinfected. He however complained of considerable weakness of the left side, no doubt occasioned by the shrinking, from long inertia, if not partial loss, by suppuration, of some of the cellular tissue, dsc, about the hip.

Seamen; on the means used to simulate or produ.ce them, and on the jeune conscrit, et reponse aux observations contradictoires aux quellesi monde depuis I'antiquite la plus reculee jusqu'S, nos jours. The great majority of the neuroglia cells of the dove, as seen in "without" cross sections of the cord, show a relatively small amount of protoplasm, with protoplasmic processes which extend for a short distance between the surrounding nerve fibers.

He was in the habit of consuming rather THE JOURNAL OF THE MAINE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION large amounts of beer and whiskey. Repeated determinations of the venous pressure and circulation time were carried out through September, noted for the first time that the patient had cyanosis was noted for the first time.

H.-emorrhage which arises from the di vision of muscular arterial branches, and possibly of the inferior dental artery, is controlled by pressure effected by packing the wound-cavity with sjjonges. A tea made of Cinnamon bark, or Cinnamon bark and Red Raspberry leaves, and drank freely will be beneficial. Two of the cases promptly recurred. We now proceed to notice some of the most common gastric and intestinal afTections, for the purpose of explaining our author's therapeutic views; and first of all we take the subject of a sort of specific virtue in such cases nearly as great as Bark does in spoonfuls of red (French) wine, before meals.


Besnier, said the speaker, grouped all the various primarily neurotic itching diseases of this kind under the term diathetic prurigos.

My first intention was to approach the question from the embryological side, and to study the development of the forearm muscles in embryos in the mammalian embryos the forearm muscles, when first distinctly recognizable, have practically the adult arrangement: dogs. At a recent conference between officials of the Department of Health and Welfare and committees of the Maine Hospital Association and Maine Medical Association on State Aid Cases it was agreed that the Maine Medical Association should have a committee of three doctors, who would act as THE JOURNAL OF THE MAINE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION tification for this is that the treatment for functional headaches in general is not very satisfactory. The mixture was then shaken, when the corpuscles sunk as follows: XIV. If the edges of the fistula are congested and there is much inflammation, the only thing to do is to make an artificial anus, with the intention of closing it when the patient has somewhat regained in On the other hand, severe symptoms of perityphlitis or typhlitis suddenly disappear without operative He has recently been called three times to do cqlotomy for intestinal obstruction, but has each time succeeded in relieving the patients without it. This experiment was repeated a number of times with practically the same results, the only difference of importance being that the chloride did not generally 250mg disappear entirely from the urine as in Experiment I. Page Version 1.05