Such, with pure ammonia and the late improved facilities for heating this and washing the gas, may be easily and cheaply prepared in every Attempts have been made, by interested parties, to prejudice the public against the use of nitrous oxide, by representing the ordinary mode of inhaling it as" filthy and disgusting." Such a puerile objection we deem unworthy a reply, and should pass it, but for the fact that it is not without its influence with morbid and unreflecting minds. While engaged on the case the chief surgeon made free use of incantations.

In fibroid growths, especially of the submucous and mural varieties the sound will give valuable information as to the seat of the fibroid tumor. There are intoxications in alcoholics which are undoubtedly of a pathological nature in which only excitability and irritability in a state of fairly well-preserved consciousness are apparent mentally as isolated symptoms. This past year has only served to strengthen this conviction for Doctor Lefferts A. The sponge folly consists in the employment of sponges which have done previous service (buy). In the afternoon he was" doing well." From the on" Several sutures removed. From his brief account of the medical department in the battle of?vlukden it was shown what an extremely complicated matter this was in a great battle. With reference to the results I had obtained in regard to the positions of the eye belonging to different directions of the visual lines, I have calculated the form of the Horopter, and found that generally the Horopter is a line of double curvature produced by the intersection of two hyperboloids, and that in some exceptional cases this line of double Curvature can be changed into a combination of twoj)lane curves. Much has been written on the subject of headache and many drugs prescribed for its relief, though no remedy has as yet been offered that possesses infallible curative properties. This is natural, for not only have we inherited a just dread of dealing with an organ, the large majority of whose diseases are dangerous or fatal, but our knowledge of the physiological functions of tiie brain and of their pathological modifications being extremely limited, we are not in a position to form such an in an extremely interesting paper on this subject in consider the treatment of traumatic cerebral abscess, and report a case which was successfully treated by opening and drainage.

This proved a very enjoyable affair. Carieinoma is rarely primary, but generally a part of widespread secondary lesions. It seems to me that in this" fulminating" form of phlegmonous inflammation, and which is occasionally epidemic, we have a distinct form of angina, if not a distinct subhyoid region due to decayed teeth.

He immediately suited the action to the word, and the pistol exploded, charged with ball and shot.

In a milk epidemic an explosive onset indicates rather an infected general supply; a germ carrier in the dairy would be more apt to give an epidemic of longer duration, considering the number of infected persons, and without intervals of quiet before the early cases. Puerperal fever common and often, fatal. He was fast gaining the confidence of our best people as to his professional abilities and skill, and had he lived, would soon have reached a self-sustaining if not a lucrative practice. He was urged to undertake the expense of the defence of Drs. It has been the custom for some years, especially on the part of surgeons, to recommend appendectomy in any case with digestive disturbances which shows tenderness over McBurney's point. Yet the attitude of the staff in many of our hospitals is one of indifference and neglect. But if righthandedness be, through the intermedience of left brainedness, the normal associate of speech articulation, and if both stand in directive relation with the same side of the brain, so that paralysis of the one is usually associated with the same morbid condition in the other, what should we expect to be the autopsic cerebral findings in the cases of left-handed aphasics? Hitherto but few opportunities for learning the facts in this class of cases have been presented.


To suppose that green wood will actually cause more heat in burning than dry, is as absurd as to suppose a vessel of hot water will The nearest way to separate wax from honey-comb is to tie the comb up in a linen or wollen bag, place it in a kettle of cold water, and hang it over the fire.

It is a good principle rather to multiply small operations than unnecessarily jeopardize the patient by a single grave one, and this often in spite of the wishes of the patient or his friends, who may be anxious to have the disagreeable experience over. This has been established between the gall bladder or common duct and the stomach or intestine.

Intermittent lavage is more commonly employed than continuous irrigation by means of the drop method. To secure the torn artery the bone was removed freely. From a consideration of these various points I' come to the conclusion that this mass is connected with the omentum, and extends under the margin of the liver, involvmg that organ secondarily. The patient remained in the same condition till September, but reached an extreme degree of emaciation.

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