Arnica-lotion will relieve pain and lameness, and an application of powdered blood-root will check the appearance of proud flesh.

The discharges in this stage, both up and down, assume the appearance of rice water. The other man had a pseudo reaction, which came on more readily than the true reaction, and went more rapidly, leaving no pigmentation. Any investigation, therefore, of the conditions that alter surface energy or the permeability of the bacterial cell is of wide interest on account of its general online bearing on many questions of In the following experiments an attempt is made to throw some hght upon the subject, by a method which fias been applied with considerable success to the investigation of the same problem in the egg-cell and in plant tissues. It should be required for on special requisition giving the area of each space to be covered.

On examination, a collection of matter was found in the substance of the right mucous fold forming the superior aperture of the larynx.


Dilutions and triturations are both thus compounded It will be seen that there is a wide difference between one dilution and another in the amount of the drug involved.

Electricity was applied daily for five minutes by placing the positive electrode over the wrist and applying a roller negative electrode over the healthy sterno-mastoid and upper fasciculus of the trapezius on the unaffected side. Attempts to keep the nasal passages in anything like an aseptic condition will prove a failure, and there is much more likelihood of septic symptoms when the nostrils are frequently washed than when the nasal wound is protected by boric acid or some other After using the powder a few days, the nasal passages can be washed and oiled. From the fact that fracture of the humerus occurs most frequently at the shaft, and from the intimate relation of the nerve to the bone in the musculo-spiral groove, it seems rather remarkable that the nerve so often escapes Bischoff,f in examinations on the cadaver, finds that the" dangerous place" (when the nerve lies on the bone)" begins about eleven centimetres above the external epicondyle of the humerus, and ends about six centimetres and a half above and behind." Thus the nerve is exposed to insult for only a proportionately short distance, and at this point it is also very firm and capable of resistance, all of"which circumstances may explain its immunity from injury simple fracture of the humerus treated during the past twelve years at the Chambers Street Hospital, in New York, but three cases of musculo-spiral paralysis are to be found.

Thuja is a valuable internal and external remedy; for external use add one part of the tincture to two of glycerine. Instances have been reported in which there was an apparent relationship between hematidrosis and the menstrual function but in uk the authors' case this relationship was not manifest.

The bacteriology of the process had been very varied. IVs the indirect outgrowth of sectarian medicine and its influence upon the profession in a general way, the anomalous condition of the Medical Society of the State of New York was mentioned, under the leadership of men who openly declared that the' future progress of our profession demanded the abandonment of restrictive rules of polity. A systematic will take a great deal of pains and buy labor to reach this end, but An important factor in the achievement of our end are the so-called Control Societies. Peck of New York reported a case somewhat similar to that mentioned by Dr. The change of the countenance is one of the most striking indications of death, and that one which is most frequently noticed by friends. Hypertrophy is obstruction to nasal respiration. In other cafes, mercurials and decodions of the fweetening woods are required, in order to corredl the fharpnefs of the difcharge.

In the attempts to describe the structure of the eye, it is noted that the eye consists of three membranes, the white, the soft and the spiderweb-like; and these membranes are distended by the three ocular humors; the aqueous, the vitreous and the crystalline.

Give a regular diet of bran-mashes and good hay. When the morbid process involves the nerve-sheaths and connective-tissue structures in particular we have an"interstitial neuritis," and the changes are chiefly inflammatory in nature. If he desires to reenlist he will report the fact, in writing, through military channels, to the Surgeon-General, sixty days before the expiration return is made will make such personal reports as the Surgeon-General will be forwarded with the form for physical examination direct to the Surgeon- General, who will render to The Military Secretary of the Army a monthly recruiting return accompanied by the enlistment and to fill vacancies, members of the hospital corps may be transferred by the department commander, the quota of each post, as prescribed to the sick and wounded will be given to all enlisted men of the line of the army by their company officers for at least four hours.

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