Envision a cartoon wherein physicians, lawyers, insurance companies, jurors and the general public are all pointing with both hands at eadi they all are. Representatives will be on hand to answer your cpiestions and provide information regarding our prescription products.

Prior to the erection of a consulting room in liis garden the plaintiff had suffered no annoyance, but lie was nevertheless held entitled to an injunction. Richardson: I think this contribution a most important one, and that we are very fortunate iu hearing it. (Eye, Suffolk) Hill Mr ataveley (Klngswinford, Vincent, Sir Howard (Sheffield) Staffordshire) Wallace, Mr. In the second class there In the first or the so-called autogenetic forms, the decomposition and putrescent changes in the retained coagula, portions of placenta, or membranes could not occur were it not for the presence of microorganisms, not necessarily pathogenic in theira nture; whilst in the second class there are probably introduced peculiar pathogenic organisms, the manifold multiplication of which in the system produces the The cases of the latter class are characterized by a very short incubation, by a rapid course, and by the absence of such marked local lesions as f96 are almost invariably met with in the class of cases first It is by no means certain that these poisons are always directly introduced by the fingers of the obstetrician or the nurse, but it is here that much of the responsibility lies. I have been struck by the circumstances that immunity from heart lesions often coincides with very free arthritic effusion and general acuteness of symptoms. The anterior surfaces of both sides of the chest on percussion yield a clear resonant note. The lectures will give the results of personal investigations, together with a sufficiently full account of the present state of knowledge regarding the subjects treated. The least satisfactory portion of the work is that upon aural diseases, though even here sale there is much sound advice, and -Mr. He must be a local practitioner, or else get a large salary to make him independent of practice.

Pharmaceutical agents are of lilt'e use in these cases, but prophylactic measures are invaluable, particularly where the disease is endemic, and where, for want of a just appreciation of its nature, thousands of human beings are carried off annually. AS ILLUSTRATED BY CASES FROM PROFESSOR OF DIDACTIC, ABDOMIN.M-: philippines. The usual account goes to show that the pain is seated in the gland itself, and radiates or extends the course of the nerves of the organ back to the solar plexus, and thence to the splanchnic and intercostal nerves, and to the spine.

Five Guineas (if the candidate be a Member) over and above charges for stamps, to be retained in case of rejection; Twenty-five Guineas (if he be not a Member) over and above charges for stamps, of physiological examination cannot present himself for re-examination until after six months; and a candidate whose qualifications shall be t For the condition of exemption from examination in Medicine, see Regulations passed an examination in tVIedicine for the Membership will not be required to pass any further examination in Medicine for the Fellowship. Thruston makes physicians proud through time immemorial that a member of the medical profession was honored with such an important charter assignment.

He abominated buried sutures and deprecated the use of any support alter the operation, a practice which he had long since Dr. I found everything well up to date.


Crigler was a member of the Fort Smith Community Chest (the loreritnner ol tlie United campaign chairman. It must be observed, however, that Dr. The nurse alleges that the spasms at first affected the right side only.

The drum may be entirely absent.

Cases of sympathetic disease have been reported after these procedures, but in no case is it certain that the sympathetic trouble might not have arisen, even after a simple enucleation. Recovery was retarded by an acute attack of catarrhal icterus, for which developed the second day after the operation and lasted about a week.

Long Charity Hospital in Pineville, He is survived by his wife, Connie White Wilmoth, a son, daughter, two stepsons, and a THE JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY The National Urban League is dedicated to achieving equal opportunity for all.

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