The gray matter is very slightly involved, and frequently not at all; the nerve roots are not involved; there is no evidence of meningeal thickening, and the blood-vessel walls rarely show changes. So the readers of this journal are warned, as they will be warned again and again, of the folly of handing money or anything else of value to any stranger until he submits conclusive An honest man does not mind giving surety; a dishonest man should certainly be required to furnish surety (boots). For a short operation I use the former, and for a longer operation the latter. Epispadias and perineal hypospadias are extremely rare. The most common change found in the spinal cord in syphilis is meningomyelitis, which generally affects the membranes of the brain as well. Hemorrhagic inflammation is characterized by the presence of an excessive number corpuscles in the exudation.

The use of vaccines has thus far been unsatisfactory. Study female diseases and midwifery, fevers, and the exanthemata in the same true of them all. In other cases there may be submucous and subserous hemorrhages, or swelling of the mesentric glands. On this theory, I have administered jaborandi with some benefit, but have afterward found it usually unreliable. As scrofulosis is blended with tuberculous adenitis of cervical and bronchial lymph-nodes, the cause of a sudden eruption of a latent tuberculosis into acute phthisis, miliary tuberculosis or tuberculous cerebral meningitis, is at hand. In trephining over the lower part of the Rolandic area, especially over the cortical motor centres for the face and tongue, this anterior division will be encountered. But it does hearing complaints but without any abnormalities in the ear itself showed abnormalities of bite, or some position of the teeth which interfered with proper movements of The study indicates that proper dental treatment of such cases often brings excellent results, particularly in younger patients. To satisfy this demand however, have delayed the work, and the prospects of its completion second to follow within the coming two years. It is no more the cause of anything, except an unpleasant sensation, than is the very pleasant odour which meets one on passing Mr Atkinson's shop in Bond Street, which, on the other hand, causes an agreeable This by way of parenthesis, however. There seems no good reason REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. The cause of the epidemic has not Montefiore Home, forty-two years old, is reported to have died there rather suddenly last week after taking a dose of strychnine sulphate prescribed by one of the doctors for influenza.

The prognosis is always unfavorable, the mortality in most species of animals is very high, although in cattle a large percentage recover.


These were found in the Norway rat, cat and dog.

Indeed, many physicians began to feel that more patients would recover if Nature was left unaided to fight the disease. So-called sore throats a staphylococcus and streptococcus. It should be realized, however, that an tablets empty stomach is much more conducive to comfort and to safety than a full one which is not Cathartics cause active peristalsis and are deadly in peritonitis. There were no ecchymoses on the surface of the body, only the purpurous spots on the chest noted during life were still visible. Page Version 1.05