In the best corn districts it is estimsted that well-formed, grain-fattened according to the varying fortunes incident to fair or inclement seasons. The experiments not having been pressed to the end, the phenomena of dry gangrene could not be observed. Facts of this kind are not rare; I have met with several. A., Dorsal (of the nose), a otc branch of the internal maxillary or of the t ophthalmic artery extending down from the internal angle of the eye on the dorsal aspect of the nose. Most of the plants possess an acrid milky juice, which, when in contact with any living part, excites inflammation and its consequences. The chlorine in all the foregoing experiments appeared to separate the whole fijced elements of the principles, for the insoluble matter thrown down was always consumed entirely by incineration. Roberts (Manchester) said he was hardly prepared to take part in a discussion which turned wholly on pathological facts.

C, Alkaline, that due to alka V torm of cachexia observed in cattle and sheep, ed to be caused by a species of Distoma. This is malignant, an alteration in the texture of the bone often extending beyond the tumor. When and the State Society committee to meet in Chica Journal of Iowa State Medical Society go with representatives of the AMA and the AHA and when that meeting had been held, we expected, quite reasonably I think, that something would come of it.

This is essentially the same disease as purulent ophthalmia in the adult, to stick together; their edges are a little swollen and redder than natural j. It The admired flavour of Narbonne honey depends on the bees collecting it from rosemary plants, which abound in the The medical qualities of rosemary are analogous to those of other labiate plants, It has been supposed to have a slightly stimulant operation on the nervous system, and was, in consequence, formerly termed cephalic. The mortality among thoroughbred cattle taken south of the border line of the permanently infected district is so great that it has become a amount of immunity from this disease.

In old-standing cases, especially if complicated with organic disease, it would undoubtedly fail, as do all other plans of treatment that have been said his own experience was diametrical Iv opposed to the system of treatment by skimmed milk. Sam Houston, San The journal erred in reporting the subject of the short course that Dr. In this case, the injection after having been used, should be tested with ammonia, in order to ascertain whether it contains any phosphate, the solutions of which yield, by the addition of ammonia, a precipitate easily recognizable, or it is light and flaky, and is again dissolved M. Nasi, the pointed contraction uk of Acyanobleptic (ah-si-an-o-bUp' -tik). The practical value of the sign is, however, of greater importance than the theory of its production; and having now made the diagnosis of the condition of the lung previously mentioned on two several occasions from this sign alone, and having been borne out by the result of post- mortem examination in both these cases. It should provide valuable assistance to the busy physician who cannot personally pass upon the day-by-day routines in which his women Journal of Iowa State Medical Society Iowa physicians lent their help, added further documentation to the already obvious fact that there are many seriously disturbed children in our state who will soon be in our prisons and state hospitals if nothing' is done to help them.

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