In diarrheal conditions the time is usually much shortened, unless the pathologic process is in the colon. While the eruptions are naturally the things that will first call for your attention, their place in the pathological scale, is by no means first. We must be reasonable and rational.

Then the amendment, known as the Palmer Charter, was concocted, with so little knowledge of the usual quibbling and trickery of legislation and of the ordinary provisions in laws, created during that very session, that its failure was a foregone conclusion. Copeland retained a deep commitment to basic research; his personal and corporate philanthropy reflects that commitment. It is then tubed and Cylinders about h inch thick are cut from potato and split obliquely. But this, you will say, verges towards a scheme of universal military service, since it proposes a scheme for universal instruction in miUtary matters for all medical students. Then the membranes were raptured and about two gallons of fluid gushed forth, producing slight shock to patient. She was admitted to the ward for diseases of women several months ago, complaining of pain and tenderness on pressure in the lower part of the abdomen on the right sciatic nerve. At the same time we admit, with the English, that drunkenness ends in a career of irresistible impulse, and we will willingly admit that one of the greatest dangers which menace the drunkard, is that The prognosis in dipsomania is absolutely hopeless, above all if we have to do with hereditary and spontaneous vice, and not with acquired habit. A majority of the children and all the mothers were saved. There was nothing di.scoverable in his physical condition that is not constantly met with in the ephemeral fever ot called to inform me that he had passed a restless and feverish night (I have since learned that he had three undoubted convulsions), but that towards morning his bowels acted freely, when his fever left him and he slept quietly. Colonies on blood-serum are minute, round, grayish, and translucent. During all this time the vision of the diminished very rapidly, so that on the day of admission he had lost all power of fixation with the right eye, and had only slight perception of light. We will now present five cases of whooping-cough in various stages.

Laryngeal syphilitic symptoms may occur in j all the stages of the disease.

With the expansion of all arms of the services, the Navy Department recognized the need of a vigorous and efficient campaign to obtain recruits and with that which included the New England States, New York, New Jersey, territory lying east of the western boundry of North Dakota, South in Texas.

The tension is normal in both eyes. Most of the nations of Europe are weU abreast of the times in public hygiene.


, NervousDiseases and the Breast. The prostate gland was small, tough, and fibrous. I was able to find symmetrical extinction in only one specimen and in this the angle found No trace of micas remains in the slides which were examined, but dirty-greenish aggregates of decomposition products only could be observed; under high power these were seen to be very minute, low, doublyrefracting bodies, which may be zoisites and chlorites. The inflammatory reaction thus induced proceeds to suppuration, the breaking down of the nodules, and the discharge of their contents, after which cicatrization use of the thermocautery, either with or without preliminary removal of the mass with the curette. It deals, also, with the abnormal forms of the disease, as noted and much better imderstood at a later date, forms that are far more frequent than most surgeons suspect.

Only two of the reported twenty-one cases died. When this precaution lias not been adopted I have several times seen an acute attack of glaucoma set in the second eye, apparently stimulated by the shock of the operation on the first. These give rise to cacosmia subjectiva or neo40 objectiva, according as they mingle with inspired or expired air. That p-nitrobenzoyl chloride might not form an isoacetone ester is conceivable, but in that event it should give addition products. He was of the opinion that papoid and peroxide of hydrogen were the best for local application. Page Version 1.05