It was an act of unintentional magnetic piracy on his part, and he bore off his booty in triumph. The swelling at the elbow was fusiform and painless: night.


Fifty-six oral surgical cases and twenty-five plastic surgical cases have been given care during the year. It has an agi-eeable sweetish taste. Winter in Philadelphia, where the doctor has been attending lectures, returned to Plymouth for a short time and have since sailed for Europe. There is a popular belief which seems to be reasonably well substantiated, that the increased consumption of'"soft" drinks, soda-water products, distinctly contributes towards lessening the demand for alcoholic liquors. The Influenza is still epidemic in several places in Russia, among others, Nijni-Novgorod, Warsaw, and students at the University of Vienna last summer was compared with the previous winter, when there were diminution in the number of foreigners attending the Rachitis is stated by Dr. The copious panniculus adiposus had almost completely disappeared. We again ask the question, what is the effect of the potential strain on the vertebra as stored up in the rib ring thus placed? To answer this the retaining vertebra rotates to the side on which the contraction of the rib ring becomes greater. The sixth pill edition of'" Diseases of the Skin," by Sir Malcolm enlarged form. She said her mother had suffered from a gunpowder explosion during the early months of her pregnancy, and that the daughter was born with marks exactly resembling her Another patient was during her pregnancy in the habit of looking out of the window at laborers excavating the street drain, and one of these had a hook attached to the stump of his right arm which had been ampuiated at the elbow. .Sleenbock and Black treat rickets by irradiating food with ultraviolet light. By means of a fountain syringe the conjunctival surfaces were now continuously irrigated for the next four days with the boric acid solution, the nurse everting the and playing a gentle stream incessantly into the eyes, alternating between them every three or four minutes.

It is easily soluble in hot water and alcohol, but is practically insoluble in cold water.

Frank Baker, of Washington, who opened the session b)' paying a glowing tribute to the memory of the late President, Professor Joseph Leidy, whose death had occurred since the last regular The Secretary followed with the reading of a report of the Secretary and Treasurer of the Association, after which ballots were cast for the election of thirteen candidates for membership, all of whom were declared duly On motion the chair was directed to appoint a committee to nominate officers to serve for the next two years; also a new member of the Executive Committee to serve for a period of one year. Immediately upon the inhalation of amyl nitrite there follows a marked flushing of the face, pain, a sense of warmth, a feeling of fullness in the head, giddiness and a tumultuous pulsation of the carotid arteries. He says that eclamptic patients for have subsecpient to the convulsions so resemble;! patients in shock, that venesection appeared illogical as lessening the resistance so much needed. Indeed, all the constituents of milk vary considerably in their proportions in different animals. He liked to exchange his viewpoints with other workers, and used to say, In addition to the collapse story other influences have been operative throughout the state. We had an unusual opportunity of making observations in two cases, in one of which the patient knew and in the other did not know that the operation was to be performed. Inasmuch as the pleural cavity is now obliterated and the lung much retracted, X could not inject again, and advised the patient sale to go to Arizona. Jones of Providence, who brought the greetings from the, Rhode Island Medical Society. There is scarcely an instance in the range of surgery where the patience of a physician is more tried by opposition to a rapid and comparatively safe operation.

The third and fourth cases were in men, aged sixty and seventy-three.

Chronic cases of bone and glandular tuberculosis receive but scant attention in the general hospitals, and it would seem advisable to have beds definitely set aside for such cases. He is at once the doctor of the body and of the soul, and, convinced that nothing is perfectly sure but change, that everything wears to rags, or will melt, fade, disperse into thin air, he raises his patient's tottering faith and convinces him that all former delight in books, friends, music, events, enterprise, and the simple victories of every day living, will one day return. Page Version 1.05