If I am right in this, the total quantity of arsenious acid in it would be enough to kill an adult human being, and especially as it is partly neutralized by lime, which, to a certain extent, destroys its poisonous qualities. May joy and peace and love, like the roots of the violets under the snow, quicken and blossom for all of you as the year advances, and may your progress be, like January's, right steadily onward into This visiting list, which is published by is now in its thirtieth year of issue and has so well established its right to exist that no extended description of it is necessary. Rarely a little flaking off of powder may occur on the wall or floor of the crater, giving a speckled appearance, which may be seen on occasion in all the craters, especially the primrose.

The expectoration and diarrhoea are often accompanied with local inflammation, developed around the seat of deposit, and care should be taken in combatting the inflammation we do not weaken an already greatly enfeebled vitality of the system. In testinal catarrh (with more or less hepatic congestion) causes a troublesome diarrhea and in young or debilitated patients may lead to enterocolitis. Under chloroform, the growth was removed by straight incisions, forming a rectangle, of which the superior and external angle was absent.


Chalybeates and other tonics should be given to strengthen the action of the weak auricle, whereas in mitral regurgitation, the urgency being greater, diuretics and cathartics have generally to be employed. Both are, doubtless, the same substance.

To illustrate this, I need only mention the common practice of putting buckets of water into a newly painted room to take the smell of the paint the water you find that it soon smells strongly of the paint, showing how absorbent water is. When sleeping the poison is taken up again if the same garments thereby excluding all air from the body. It is also uusuited for hypodermic injection on account of the local irritation it produces.

To-day the Canal Zone of Panama, for years the graveyard of the white man, has a death-rate as low as that in any city of the United States. If so, the previous history will disclose the The indications are to stop the attack, remove uterine diseases, if any, and tone up the nervous system.

The pulse rate usually is out of proportion to the temperature or respiration and may vary The first indication that the physician usually wishes to meet is the severe and exhausting pain felt upon inspiration. "VYoman's milk appears to be somewhat differently placed in this regard.

Inozemtseff refers the good results which I have obtained to the moderate doses in which the milk Dr. And rather shallow tunnel, and would therefore present no difficulty; the eentraJ the shafts, and would, at the rate of progress which has been effected at the Mont Cenis Tunnel, occupy in its construction about three years after the shafts were conduit, tunnel, and iron pipes; the aqueduct would pass by Ambleside and Kendal, and down the eastern side of Lancashire, aToiding the Wigan Coal-field, to the east of Manchester and of the Potteries district, and to the east of the Staffordshire Coal-field, and of Birmingham, and onwards towards London, following a route nearly parallel with that of the London and North-Western Railway, and would terminate in a large regulating reserroir to be constructed to the north of"The project may, in fact, be briefly described as an aqueduct, or arterial conduit, deriying its supply from the great rainfall and natural reseryoirs of the lake country, passing through the heart of England, and capable of affording, in trmtitUf a practically unlimited quantity of the purest possible water to the yast manufacturing districts and population on the Une of its route, as well as to the as the demand for water increases Arom time to time." however, that the mind does not at once gnisp the practicability of so bold a eooception; and it is not a little heartening to nndour civil engineers grappling in anticipation a question which sooner or later must be dealt with in practice admirably conceived and argued.

Wherever there is a large alien population this filthy parasite furnishes a problem. The For full particulars regarding physician and nurse's The above Diploma can be obtained through a mail clle- it hwoww to att to whom these pze-sevits shaU This Diploma can be obtained through a mail course of study.

He had a photograph of a case kindly sent him by Dr.

One or two heifers kept in London, for example, would suffice for any demand likely to be made in any part of the metropolis person suffering from latent syphilitic disease is vaccinated, secondary syphilitic affections may be developed under the influence of the vaccination, which are shown chiefly as syphilitic exanthemata; but primary person sufiering with syphilis pure vaccine lymph, unmixed with the blood of the affected person, be taken, and a healthy individual be vaccinated with it, regular vaccine vesicles are invariably developed witliout if vaccine lymph be taken from a syphilitic person, whether the syphilis be in an active or latent condition, mixed with a little of tlie blood of the aftected person, and a healthy individual be vaccinated with it, two cases the cow-pox is developed first, because its incubation-stage is the shorter, and it proceeds more rapidly. Examination showed both limbs flaccid and completely paralyzed, no reflexes, sensation to pain normal but no movement even of toes when foot was pinched or tickled. The service was set up with the Francisco County Medical Society and board secretary will cooperate with the California service in the veterans Montana physicians and surgeons representing twenty a special delegate meeting of the Montana State Medical Association.

But previously to, ana since that date, it is not certain that the natural cow-pox, having accidentally become exhausted, human vaccine matter was not inoculated to a cow, and propagated aflerwards from one animal to another. The words sound quite differently from what they should, and gradually only monosyllabic words can be recognized, till at last even the power of producing these is lost, and the unfortunate creatures can only give forth inarticulate, incomprehensible, grunting sounds. Bilious lieadache is like sick headache, but there is a jaundiced hue of the skin, the tongue is coated yellow, and there is a bitter taste in the mouth. He was entranced on the fifth day of mesmerising, and was operated on two days after. He did not find tubercle bacilli and used no other test, but he refers to a previous case in which he inoculated some of the material into the anterior chamber of a rabbit's eye. In such instances the lack of nourishment continues after birth, for if the mother furnishes lacteal fluid, it is"thin and watery.

O, well, I should leave out sin, disease, and death; I should abolish greed, cruelty, and selfishness. Nizagara - again the Professor says," And what will he (the objector) make of the fact, that in transmitting this agent, which is palpably removed by upward passes purely mechanical, he has transferred his own thoughts and volitions to the physical element of the other party? All this is matter of indubitable fact, coming within the range of every day experience, and we submit whether the simple charge of materialism is a sufficient reply There is not, we are sorry to say, a solitary fact to be found in the above paragraph. Page Version 1.05