The dose of it runs from five minims to thirty, and in the largest of these doses it is agreeable to take when freely diluted with water. The vessels and bronchi in such an area are usually obliterated, but on its confines the latter may Another common site of local emphysema is the posterior and upper part of the for lower lobe. QEdema of the ankles and feet is often very considerable in chlorosis, and occurs earlier than in other anaemias; as, for instance, of phthisis or cancer, when it is a sign of dissolution.

Anaesthesia of the larynx is usually confined to the parts supplied hj the superior laryngeal nerves, and is sharply below these bands, it is of much less significance and hardly requires our chief exciting cause of this affection is unquestionably aiphtheria. According to Ehrlich, the various stains employed in histological work admixtures of these in certain proportions furnishing what he has called neutral stains. Even with a canula of the size that Southey employ's there is some danger of leaving a fistulous orifice, for it has to be kept in for hours. Ether especially disturbs the digestive system, making the breath foul and coating the tongue. Physics and chemistry should be the first of these demanded, general biology being to slough, and Zuckerkandl's curved incision does not give enough room. This condition has been gradually ameliorated by the revulsive action of blistering with cantharides, and pustulation by means of croton oil and tart, antim. Whenever for a day she did none of these things, driving or walking or doing other work she was free from physical and mental pain. Destruction in vegetable carbon is extremely rapid and complete in respect to all the soft structures; destruction of the same in sand, in carbonate of lime, and in sulphate of lime, is also Under certain circumstances this destruction of animal matter while embedded in moist substance is attended with the formation of a cast or mould of the animal, with or without the remaining portions of the more resistant structures. Examination of a small portion of the sputum with the microscope at once settles the diagnosis, sometimes as many aa twenty parasites being found in a single field." Further examination is necessary to determine the manner in which this parasite produces the haemoptysis. We shall see, when I come to speak of diarrhoea, that leeches and blisters are frequently the After a proper detraction of blood, or in a case where the loss of blood is not advisable, blisters applied to the nape of the neck, to the forehead, and also behind the ears, are very useful. Models of the male and female genito-urinary apparatus. In the white of the eye you perceive the presence of jaundice, before it is apparent any where else, except at the root of the nails. Bartholomew's, who derived Ihe idea from Professor Malmsten of Stockholm.

If the system possess less vigour, and more elasticity and mobility, the reaction may be rapid, but will be less certain, complete, or the congestive forms or grades of these fevers, with such intermediate grades or degrees as have already been noticed. Elsewhere there was no appearance denoting present or past pulmonary disease. This caution might seem unnecessary, but it was only last summer that I saw an operation in one of the largest eastern hospitals in which this principle seemed to have been lost sight of.

Middlesex Hospital, Physician to tablet the Brompton Hospital for Consumption. I preceded its exhibition, however, always by an active cathartic.

Extreme care is the only remedy for all If one has been unfortunate enough to receive an injury and tuberculous inoculation is feared the best thing to do is to let the wound bleed freely, wash it thoroughly with water that has alcohol; dress the wound with a clean rag dipped in any of these liquids, and seek as soon as possible the advice of the physician. But it is then frequently associated with idiocy, and may depend on local causes. In conclusion, I would say that dysmenorrhea is produced in various ways by various conditions of the general system, by various pathologic conditions of the pelvis, sometimes reflexly from other organs of the body and it may be produced by a combination of some or all A SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT FOR MORPHINISM I have come in contact with quite a number of morphin habitues and always endeavored to cure the patient by the methods recommended by our standard authors. Almost unknown in the polar regions, pneumonia is not an infrequent disease along the Mediterranean coast; and one peculiarity is to be noted here, that in cold as well as m warm climates moderate elevation above the sea-level predisposes to its appreciable degree.


Then there is the excess of static pressure in the great veins over that in the diastolic auricle and ventricle. The"vital capacity" of patients with emphysema under treatment by this sale method undoubtedly increases; but this result cannot be accepted as an absolute proof of its value, as it also follows the use of the apparatus by those whose lungs are structurally sound, practice enabling the individual to obtain a better The results obtained from expiration into rarefied air are, however, much less satisfactory than those which attend the use of compressed air applied to the body as a whole. The disease, and the blistering grade of the disease has made its appearance, cover the whole abdominal surface with a vesicating plaster, and repeat often enough to keep up a constant discharge.

The recent researches of Griinbaum, Wyatt Johnson of Montreal, and of Durham, Wright, and others in this country, have rendered the process at once accurate and simple, and, as it is now possible to obtain the reaction with a single drop of fresh or even dried blood, the method has become readily available in clinical work. Page Version 1.05