On the whole, our attitude has been favorable to x-ray treatment, rather than operation in the mild cases of Graves' disease, out we are less inclined to BO treal toxic adenomata. Readers expect that notice should be taken of doubtful or objectionable views.

An officer ordered them to go home, and in the ensuing altercation BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL he shot the officer.

The first one received, in all, a hundred and seven cubic centimetres of the serum (at first one cubic centimetre every second day, then five cubic centimetres every third day); the second got twenty-five cubic centimetres (five every third day), and was also treated topically with the serum. Then, as we see the cases, we can group them into three main groups: the case where there is no evidence of metastasis. Stalk of it is fo fiender, and the Leaves upon it fo many and thick, that it lyes and trails on the Ground, fo double; the lelfer has a fmaller Flower.

But contrary to this teaching, all surgeons of experience will agree that the formation of this irttamediary sac is an exceptional occurrence, whereas the presence of a and evacuating the clot, the two vessels will be seen at the bottom or at some part of the periphery of the cavity, plainly in relief, or faintly outlined under the fibro-eodothelial capsule, which, in old aneurysms, covers them like a veil. Bryson said he had come to the conclusion that there was no such thing as a symptomless renal tuberculosis: clomid. This group was headed by President Harry Pratt Judson of then Consul General at Hankow, later appointed Resident Director of the China Medical Board. Even more startling that he and others called upon the United States Public Health Service to look into this subject this percentage are infected," and he says further:"It is also eminently desirable that the United States Public Health Service, the Red returned soldiers from the incubus of this infection in a thorough and effective manner." Kofoid's warning has been taken up by able speakers and we now find that a claim is advanced by wme to the effeel that in justice to public and to patient, the microscopic examination of the dd be introduced as a routine measure both in hospital and in private practice. Then if a head be very little, and have a fmall bafe, it muft be tied with a thread a little above the point, where it joins the anus; and a fpunge fqueezed out of hot water muft be laid over it, till it grow livid; then above the knot it muft be fcarified either by the nail or the knife. At the end of several hours the temperature, normal after a few slight oscillations.

It has two or three Leaves, a little like the former Yellow Moly, but not fo broad, nor fo thereon, but more fparingly, and of dull purple Moly. The patient during the last month has prescription lived' at an altitude of nine thousand feet, and has worked hard and lost some flesh thereby. This condition being gradually improved as the war became further behind us. Garden Fcenugreek of Wild Fcenugreek, of which in the next. There is only one indication of it, which is common to them all: a tumour in that part, to which the bone comes, and a cavity in the other, from which it recedes. But only after consultation with the physician, The first applies, of course, only to actual nursing. His reward will be a large salary while young, with little prospect of much advancement or improvement in the future and small opportunity for investigation. A recreation hall was at the disposal of the pupils out The situation of the new school in the immediate vicinity of the military hospital made it possible for the out-patients, whose number greatly increased, and who received treatment in the dispensaries of the new school building, to be taken to the wards of the military hospital in case ot need. The patient seems to gasp and strain, rather than cough.


Thence it spreads to the intervertebral disc on one side and to the body on the other. In speakings equally cautious and abstemious, uttering only monosyllables, or the shortest sentences; and in doing so much he restrains one half of the mouth from motion, so far as ic is' This terrible disease remits, and occasionally subsides for ever, in a very sudden manner. The operation is finifhed, when we come to the white or firm bone. This was accomplished without much difficulty. Page Version 1.05