While this was being discussed, the Legislature The following is an excerpt from a on this bill for four days without would not budge from the House position, which was, in fact, the emerged from a late-hour legislative session would have been a In our opinion, the House or Senate conferees are not to blame for causing Allen, Political Editor of the Atlanta House and Senate were tantalizingly close to agreement on two of the main bills of the session, tortlaw reform and restrictions on The six conferees on tort-law reform were met in a third- floor office and had reached a compromise in principle that would have imposed several sensible changes in the way the courts treat personal At that precise moment, Senate Majority Leader Tom Allgood, an Augusta lawyer who staunchly opposed all efforts at tort-law reform, was lobbying his colleagues on the There is much talk today about special session, then there will be a special session on Tort Reform. Fortunately the limb is not shortened, and the development of the bones is scarcely impaired.

Before the French Revolution the sale of Carrots and oranges was prohibited in the Dutch marketS; because of the unpopular aristocratic colour of these commodities. There is no doubt that the flesh of sueli an animal may be, to all apjiearances, in good condition, and may be ofl'ered for sale as meat of Let us now turn from the source of infection to its effects; from the bacillus wliicli we all admit to be the materies morbi to its field of disease- and death-producing action. The good effects of arsenic, as a general tonic, to which considerable attention has, of late, been directed by Continental observers, are apparent from a case of chorea, which occurred under the care of Dr. Pacing for extended periods of time has not been reported to cause any significant trauma to the esophagus.

Manganate of soda is introduced about two feet by two feet by two feet. I shall now give a brief account of one of the Scottish Universities, viz: that of Glasgow.

For any given sense of the life cycle has been mastered, students will have a better appreciation of the opportunities for preventing illness at different developmental stages.

The following compounds of lead were exposed to the setion of moorland water. The ultimate goal (and hence the importance of the conversion to gold) was to create an elixir of soluble gold ( aurum potabile) capable of curing, amongst widely recognized as a poison, was nonetheless acclaimed as one of the great curative gifts to humanity.

Fbo.m the sanitary vites point of view joint tenancies are a fruitful source of trouble, since it is often difficult to fasten responsibility upon the right shoulders. And third, that strains of malarial parasites have been isolated which differ in their response to anitmalarial drugs and in the severity of their James R. The tooth begins to emerge from its position in the jaw, deviating from the natural direction; the gum recedes, and if the malady be unchecked, the former is completely ejected from its legitimate lodging. Where these conditions cannot be obtained, then resort must be had to a dry trap, and t hevery best of these I have ever seen is Palmer's trap." I am glad to be able to refer now to what escaped me at that time, viz., its power of preventing reflux of back water from sewers into cellars in low-lying districts. Influenza is not one of the diseases which are required by law to be repoited to the local authority, nor one of those causes of death which are specially recorded by tlie Registrar-General in his weekly reports, except in the case ol Tlio information in the possession of the Local Government Board as to the dates at whieh the influenza.'pidemic of IS-i-iiO occurred at difjerent places has been mostly obtained in reply to a circular sent out to tlie local medical officers of health of the difTerent districts in England and Wales. Placed in the midst of a healthy atmosphere, and each of them the object of anxious and special care, the patients are favorably situated for cure.


Secondary inflammations are not unknown. The institute is to be in the neighbourhood of the Morgue, but entirely distinct therefrom. Othercommentaries mention the vastly increased numbers of women entering the work force and the need, therefore, for specialized medical care for them.

The degree of prematurity and the duration of positive pressure ventilation appear to be the most important risk factors for the development of BPD. If hyperkalemia develops, substitute a thiazide alone, restrict prompt additional therapy. Our main purpose is to promote clean indoor air. Heroic doses of antitoxin are always indicated. A few occurrences of acute renal failure have been reported in patients advised in administering nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents with'Dyazide'. We now find both parents can better share domestic responsibilities. I feel sure that the prescription"don't woriy" might with advantage be burnt, and that suffering from aneurysm who have shown decided improvement by encouraging them to do some light mental work. This rheumatism seems identical with ordinary acute rheumatism, but follows a less protracted course. The bone expands, and the location of the tumor at this time is indicated externally underneath the scalp by a slight elevation of the smooth external surface of the cranium. This is best remedied by incissions or exsection of the diseased structure.

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