Patients would submit to this operation more willingly than to the burning of the cautery. Thia crepitant sound may also be due to tlie movements of the tendons through peculiarly prone to take on this deformity.

Before the usual incisions were made into the abdomen and thorax a number of veins and arteries, including the jugular, femoral, and brachial veins, some superficial veins of the abdominal wall, the femoral and temporal arteries, were carefully exposed by suitable incisions through the skin covering them, and the presence of gas-bubbles determined without opening the vessels. On admission he had a systolic murmur.

Epigastric pulsation might call attention to enlargement of the right heart.

It will then keep the ciu-ve sufficiently long to permit the obstruction to be passed.

Palliative treatment: Tapping, the use of the suspensory, and evaporating lotions (when inflammation of the testicle Remedial treatment: Tapping and injection should never cavity of the tunica vaginalis may be opened and the tunica stitched to the skin. He told me that the only occurrence was that his family had moved to a occurrences, was enough to precipitate the I consider patients who suffer from severe atopic dermatitis, which starts in infancy and never clears up for any length of time, as emotionally very sick people.

And the term ch certain susceptible subjects: it is an acute alcoholic" delirium. Order - nevertheless they serve well to illustrate the practice I am here inculcating. The feet began to swell four days ago. The following useful statistic is also extracted from the report: Total expenditure for hospitals, (including capital Percentage of provincial grant to total maintenance The Seventy-Fourth Annual Meeting of the British Medical A Toronto medical correspondent of the British ULcdical Journal correspondent writes entertainingly of the early history of Toronto and its great expansion in recent years, mentions with praise its hospitals, asylums and orphanages, and' likewise alludes to its exhibition and the city parks. The initial syphiloma and the lymphatic glands were not at all modified under the influence of this remedy, but the so-called rheumatoid and ostcocopic pains, as well as the neuralgia from which the patients suffered were attenuated under the influence of sodium nitrite. NATURAL BROMO-IODINE WATRR of WOODHALL SPA: a valuable NATURAL MINERAL WATERS OP VICHY, Efficacious in Stomach, Liver, and Renal Diseases; Gout, Rheumatism, BONTHRON'S DIABETIC BREAD AND BISCUITS have been approved by the Profession and by Diabetic patients, contain no starchy m.atter, and ai'c highly palatable and agreeable. The situation of pus in the pelvis in most cases made vaginal incision extraperitoneal, a minor procedure giving major results. Urine after secretion, and may be derived from any part of the urinary tract X. Harmon's brother and sister chanced to visit her. It differs from pleuritis in the character of the fluiil and in the state of the pleura. Had these simple studies been obtained and had they furthered the suspicion of aortic stenosis, the diagnosis could have been proved clinically by catheterization of the left side of the heart and the demonstration of a pressure gradient between the left ventricle and the aorta. He considers this nuisance one of the main features, giving rise to dissensions among medical experts in the courts of law.

By the beginning of July she had not gained any weight, but she had no specific complaints referable to the genital tract. In common, doubtless, with many of yoiu' readers, I have read to derive from liis microscopic researches and mature conclusions some valuable information available to the elucidation and treatment of insanity. The hours about sunrise or sunset are particularly dangerous.

More than rhronir myelitis, arising from reflex disturbances.


AYhen the food reaches the stomach the two openings close and the involuntary muscle contracts down on the mass and starts up a churning-like movement, by which fresh portions of food are constantly brought to the surface. As an elementary form of light, candlelight is used as the standard for artificial illuminating power.

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