The capsules contained three parts of copaiba resin, and two parts of oil of sweet almonds, and had been prescribed by MM. On microscopic examination, pure milk should contain myriads of beautifully-formed globules of fat, entirely soluble in potassium hydrate. Finally the face also becomes swollen and distorted. Both Examination of the Bile in Disease, by Emil Einhorn duodenal tube the authors were able to study the composition of the bile in various diseased conditions. Among medicines, syrup of the iodide of iron and cod-liver oil hold the first place; quinine is often indicated. It lighted the miner's lamp, and cheered the ranchers beyond the Rockies. Now, there exists among children just the same difference in the acuteness of vision as is observed among adults, and many defects of the eyes, which are so troublesome in after life, originate in the failure of parents to appreciate these differences.

The duration of the disease is very uncertain. Forget, was met with in the"Medical Times and Gazette" of last June, and will be subjoined, altlioiigli its import is little favorable to drugs and druggists, and tlieir prescribing patrons, the doctors: invented inflammation and bleeding, it seems.

Denial of the unreasonable caprices of a pregnant woman can not have any influence upon the health of the infant. The first is the treatment of minor patients. About an hour after its administration nausea and vomiting set in, and so alarmingly were the symptoms that I was sent for. Auscultation and percussion being of the highest value, often revealing the disease when unsuspected, a distinctive feature is the rapid passage from the first to the second stage of the disease, so that eight or ten hours after auscultation had revealed if this have not been cut short. As a rule, we think that to the The views of the author are original, and the whole treatise of an eminently practical character, and, without exception, the most valuable work in the Kngilsh language on the subjects embraced iu its contents.

; meddlesome gynecology is as bad as meddlesome midwifery, if not worse.

Peculiar effect that is apt to be produced in the shape of square objects. The age of onset did not show any relation to regularity or irregularity of menstruation. So that Kiister is led, through his practical experience, to amputate at or above the knee in every case iu which the gangrene has extended from the toes to the dorsum or sole of the foot." Analyzing these cases, we find that four times, in circumscribed gangrene of a toe, Kiister disarticulated, but in every instance gangrene of the flaps occurred and extended to the back of the foot. Take of the root of Asparagus racemosus ( satdvari ), Sphoeranthus and the tuberous roots of mushali, equal parts; powder and mix. It is evident, therefore, that the only security against infection consists in absolutely avoiding all contact with the diseased individual. The brain, too, is enclosed in membranes similar to those of the joints, and these membranes may undergo the same inflammatory process.


This process is repeated fourteen times.

Take of the seeds of Moringa'pterygosperma, rock salt, mustard seeds and putchuJc root, equal parts, and reduce them to a paste with recommended to be poured into the ears, for the relief of otalgia. There are certain facts to be borne in mind whenever a patient, male or female, suffers from gonorrhoea. Nor must the physician forget this, else he will not understand why and how sooner or later new ulcers ariso in the same i)lace. ; these causes are altogether inefScient for its production.

Order - he may, on careful questioning, give a history of having had thirst and polyuria, but these patients usually go about their daily occupations without inconvenience except for the failing vision. Arjunbhra is prepared by soaking some prepared talc in the juice of the bark of Terminalia Arjuna, seven times, and dividing the mass into two-grain pills.

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