A state hospital, and have given us assurance of a larger sum in future. Transactions of The Clinical Society of London Transactions of The Medical Society of London Transactions of The Obstetrical Society of London Royal College of Physicians, London Royal College of Surgeons, England The Journal of The Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain West Forty-third Street, New York Senatus Academicus, University of Edinburgh Archives de Physiologic normale et pathologique (G. Eacemose sarcoma is much more malignant than any kind of cancer of the uteius or any other variety of sarcoma of that organ. The plan of treatment has been to give daily injections of the follicle substance for ten or twelve days, the dose being as large as possible. He complains of pruritus, and his sides and abdomen are streaked with the marks of his finger-nails. Many cases have occurred in this and other cities, a goodly proportion of which have proved fatal: cikalis. The riglit arm was completely paralysed with the exception of slight movement at the shoulderjoint; the face was unaffected; the right leg was distinctly weaker than the left. After the white blood-corpuscles of the animal had been counted and the splenic nerves then divided, and the spleen returned into the abdomen, some of the animals survived the operation. The treatment should be removal of all decomposing matters, including possibly retained placenta or clots, and the vigorous administration of quinine, iron Dr. Editor Medical World: Having had lately two cases of acute orchitis, the treatment, I think, will be somewhat interesting to the readers of The World. Other investigators claim to have found these same bodies in many other febrile and even forming an elastic ring around he circumference of the round ligaments and fixation on cither side by a buttonhole in the rectus muscle just above the spine of the ilium, for retrodeviation of the long head. PROBABLE CAUSE OF MUSCLE ATROPHY IN TUBERCULAR JOINT DISEASE. However, in the former the ulcer is more destructive, its discharge yellowish and more profuse, and the ulcer is surrounded by vesicles or pustules. She returned in the course of two days, stating that the bowels had been moved, but that the offending body had not been found; the abdominal pain had changed its seat and was now referred to the right hypoch(mdrium. The Assistant House Physicians and Surgeons are non-resident, but the other Officers are provided with Rooms and Commons in the Hospital, free of expense, and hold office for six months, if recommended for re-election.

The theory on which this treatment is based is, that after severe injuries, the inflammation, in some cases, far exceeds, in gra'le, the amount which is necessary That ligature of tiie superficial femoral artery has arrested acute inflammation consequent on wound of the knee-joint. Left ureter greatly dilated, its path through the bladder wall being nodulous, and compressed by growth.

This dressing is not disturbed by serous or purulent discharge, and it is very seldom necessary to re-apply it. It is an nncertain abortifacient measure, as is also the employment of the latex of various euphorbias. In white prismatic crystals of an acrid bitter taste, readily soluble in water; employed for the same purposes and in the same dose as the alkaloid, hyoscyami'ne sul'phas, hyoscyamine sulphate, occurs as a white crystalline powder, of an acrid bitter taste, readily soluble in water; employed as an antispasmodic, hypnotic, and sedative in doses leaves; the leaves and flowering tops of Hyoscyamus niger, henlxine, insane root, poison tobacco, stinking nightshade; anodyne, and antispasmodic lessened irritability of the acoustic nerve. For example, how many surgeons do not hesitate to remove limbs affected with white swellings, without caring whether the lung be the seat of tubercles or other morbid alterations! This love for operating never appears so strong as in cases of engorgement of the testicles; yet surgeons might have remarked, that sadness, grief, and melancholy, almost always lead to the tomb those who have suffered this cruel mutilation. Hath'orn S ring, Saratoga, New York. The process by which the change from latent to manifest content of a dream is effected. Sugar was present in the urine. Larteals, The vessels which absorb the chyle from the intestines, and pour it into the thoracic duct. Opportunity is provided for taking representative measurements of the head, face, trunk and limbs and of acquiring a knowledge of using anthropometric instruments.

With the dry bones it was evident the subacromial dislocation induced the elongation of the arm, but in the case of the subcoracoid luxation, the matter still remained doubtful. Our author is sanguine as to the good effects of a sea voyage upon consurnp.ives. Order - as a rule it is best taken after each meal. From this period, my visits were only for many days, nor have I felt the least inclination or inconvenience from not doing so. Hyosciami, in mist, camphorse, brought on refreshing sleep; and she awoke some hours after, much better, but very weak. A B, pelvic plane through which forceps is supposed to be acting for the G H K, traction rod hinged to blade. Terrillow observed a case where pressure forceps remained eight months in the abdomen and came out close to the umbilicus. The second division of the volume treats of Fevers.

Austra'lis, Australian variety of the preceding; H.

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