Blood did not flow quickly from this extensive wound; and so deep was it, that my index-finger was concealed when exploring the changes wrought within. The reticulated red cells are usually normal in number. Venous congestion occurs in a vast number of diseases and states of the system; at bap-hazard, for example, in inflammation: in purpura: in bronchitis: in cerebral hemorrhage: in pregnancy: in vurix: in gangrene. The first sign of its existence then simply a groove-like sinking in of the epithelium in the median line of the vault of the pharynx.

He has tabulated all the cases of traumatism of the kidney that have been cases of gunshot wound of the kidney, and there are given in a table the name of the operator, the nature of the injury, the treatment, operative or non-operative, the result, and a short comment.

Of course, early atherosclerotic lesions are common even in young people. The disease may be in the" stomach, or it may be external to it. Unfortunately, we cannot tell in which of the constituents the error of either writer consists. Schrumpf's cases fell between the ages of thirty-two and fifty.

Finally, I recommended him to go once a week some twenty miles into the coimtry, and spend the day under the influence of a new atmosphere. In lliis way, the school library books reach manv of the adults in the immediate neighborhoods. My head was almost as large as a pot, and, as they told me, I was out of my mind for nearly a week. It was not deemed best to attempt their removal on account of the extent of the involvement and the greatly lowered condition of the system. Oviatt, There was a large attendance of students, visiting physicians, members of the faculty and others, thus giving encouragement to a feature of college work which has in it the beginnings of great scientific usefulness. An investigation into the subject "online" led him to believe that even the old or incomplete operation does not give as universally bad results as is generally stated. West says that"gouty kidney" is a very unscientific and misleading term, tne gouty nature of it being often a matter of personal opinion only.


From the mamma: in the other, from the ear.

They appear Suddenly, and in a very high degree of intensity, in subjects who are otherwise in good health, or slightly affeoted with cold. An interesting feature was the fact that following the hemiplegia the right knee and Achilles' jerks, which had been absent, became quite active. The hepatic cells were not changed, but there was an increase of connective tissue. Even before direct evidence of disease of the kidneys is presented its existence may be suspected whenever a forcible heaving of the left ventricle and increased tension of the blood-vessels are noticed.' On the other hand, in many cases of arteriosclerosis disulfiram there are few symptoms except those of the renal disease. In the next stage a soft warty excrescence works its way through the true skin without destroying its substance, and when these appear on the soles of the feet of people unaccustomed to wearing boots their extrusion is extremely painful, on account of the outside horny growth.

Erysipelas may be termed an acute infective inflammation spreading along the upper layers of the integument of the body and mucous membranes through the lymphatic system.

The neglect of this in my medium may account for several unfavorable results. The apex-beat was sharp and strong, giving an impression of increased force. The blow did not stun him, as he walked to his employer's place of business, three blocks distant. Conant,o f Boston, for what he diagnosed as a subserous fibroid of the left side of the uterus.

Brooksaler, Peggy Sartain, and Heinz F. This treatment will improve the circulation in the majority of cases, and when labor again sets in with vigor interference will be safer than before treatment.

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