Ultimately, the Council did not formally adopt the proposal of the College of Preceptors, but decided on entering into negotiation with that body and the universities, in order to ascertain whether their examinations, which are now held at or about Midsummer and Christmas, can, at least in part, be held at times more suited to the wants of medical students. I use a tincture, for inhaling purposes, made with sulphuric ether instead of spirits of wine; and this ethereal solution has a singularly soothing effect on the cough and pulmonary irritation. Peritoneal nienibrane is complete on the right side and incomplete on the left side. The subsequent examinations did not vary much from the above save that albumen was generally found as a trace. The dispute between Chili and Bolivia, contains vast deposits of nitrates which are yearly increasing in importance.

In some of the instances of chorea, as in tetanus, and in hydrophobic convulsions, the disorder of the nervous system probably consists of excess, or of irregularity, rather than of defect, e. It is quite certain that children have been frightened out of convulsions as well as frightened info them; and it is by acting on the nervous system through the medium of the imagination, that quacks, soothsayers, and fanatics have acquired such celebrity in the cure of nervous diseases. Gamba, however, in the syphilitic hospital for women in Turin, has not had such satisfactory results. Some of these tubules occur within lymph channels, for outside the deeper and more columnar cells the endothelial lining of the channel is easily recognizable. Such, usually, is the nature of the accompanying cough, vomiting, or diarrhoea. Gerhard, is an energetic supporter of the method of treating the generality of cases by the free exhibition of alcoholic liquors, and, in support of it, cites the results observed in the convalescent, who is since well.

Nothing that could be designated as a tumor mass was made out; the entire region of the pancreas could be palpated.


Last rheumatic attack eight years which liave steadily increased in size and sensitiveness. Was naturally much worried about his child, and not knowing anytliing about the Code, had dropped in to talk over the ease, and that I had comforted him by telling him that Dr. Let us always have before our eyes, so that we may never forget them, the principal articles which courage at the spring of justice and right, permit me to enumerate those articles: The society has for its object; Ist. On my arrival at the house I was informed that the patient had begun to lose blood at the very beginning of the labor, and time of my coming. Hastings has enjoyed the reputation, under the charge of Mr. Is rot usually half-dozen of crude, nnnovel, isolated, unannounced. In very mild cases, keeping the patient in bed, and restraining him from the use of all kinds of food, with the exception of the attack in twenty-four hours, without any other means.

The unanimity of Sir William Tenner's election, and the universal favour with which it was sure to be regarded by the profession, is due to his position, his career, and his character (order).

This number, however, is infinitesimally small compared with the number of authentic cases where the child of a tuberculous mother has been carefully examined without finding the slightest trace of tuberculous disease, either clinically, bacteriologically, or pathologically. In this way we avoid almost entirely the friction which would, if metal met metal, prevent the free revolution of the needle; and at the same time we render Ihe joint sufficiently tight to prevent all leakage of tlie fluid as it passes you wish it to, at any stage of the operation. Her face had a scorched appearance; but her hair, and the papers she had put in it, had entirely escaped. Logan, says: commonest necessaries of life is dependent upon the back country and the ships which visit it regu larly. With success, subcutaneously, to move the bowels. Kenton, an intelligent and observing physician, who has long practised at Madeira, and has of th;it climate on phthisical invalids sent thither This gentleman has favoured us with notes of the cases which came under his own particular observation.

The Association was called to order disease. This concession on his part is all the more welcome, as Flechsig had, with scant courtesy, qualified Charcot's evolutional doctrines as" an airy structure" and an"ingenious speculation so that another Franco-German war on a small scale appeared to be"Thereat automatic centre of motor power and muscular nutrition and tonicity resides in the spinal cord, and, more strictly speaking, in those gigantic ganglion-cells of the grey anterior horns which are called motor or kinesodic cells, and some of which are of sufficient size to be visible to the naked eye when impregnated with carmine. The addition of milk is one of questionable propriety; that of sugar, or rather sugar-candy, may be allowed.

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