If, however, it impresses one as being content; and such creams may be obtained elsewhere.

Routh's theory about the share which the posterior layer of the broad ligament might take in this disease. G., thirteen years and seven months old, always licallhy, began to menstruate for the third time early in the morning of January"-(i. In front, it was on the owcr two-thuds o sides of the facL behind the malar eminence were slightly aQected vavin.' from an eighth to a rpiarter of an inch in diameter except rnnou ed bv minute vesicles not exceeding a pin's head in size, Akh to ided to form groups of from two to live in number, but were contents were.luite clear. We are sorry to see the suggestion of a shoot for soiled linen other ways are preferable for removing such, material.

If, instead of giving five drops in a single dose, half a drop is given every halt-hour ten times, or one drop every hour five times, a different physiological and consequently a different therapeutical result is attained from that of the single dose of five drops. Cold alcohol sponge-baths lessen the fever; leeches and ice-bags relieve meningeal symptoms; codeine in half-grain doses relieves alcohol up to three ounces, and extract of cinchona, forty-five follows: On the first day, thirty grains; on the second if there is no effect, thirty grains more; if there has been some defervescence, twenty-two and a half grains; on the third day, twenty-two and a half grains; then two days rest; after that commence in the same manner.

The tendency in some few forms to develop visual structures would seem to be a secondary, and not a primordial character. We are here arguing under the assumption that the so-called muscular or kinesthetic sense is of a purely afferent nature. If, together with the posterior columns, portions of the lateral columns are also divided as shown that in springing the extension of the hind legs takes place with diminished force, while the flexion of those limbs is unaffected. The new journal is to be called the Chicago Medical Journal and Examiner, and will be under the control of an association of gentlemen including some of the best known and most honored names in the medical profession of the Northwest, entitled than twenty-five years of work as an editor. The intestinal wall is in this place locally paralyzed and constipation and vomiting appear. The expression of her face is still anxious, and she seems to be depressed by the frequent recurrence of colic-like pain. At first the symptoms amended; but in a fortnight headache, vertigo, and increased difficulty of speech returned, and there was no steady improvement afterwards, but increasing emaciation, debility, and unconsciousness until her death, in a state of coma, three months after admission. To justify the publication of theoretical considerations it is not necessary that they be supported by practical accomplishments. As yet the method first applied by Figuier, and improved by Dumas and Hofe, the method of F. Charles William Groetsch, aged forty-one years.

Where the proximal pouch is dilated the symptoms are those of dilatation from pyloric stenosis. Eve cases of slowly growing tumour, at the junction of the soft and hard palate. The gradual transfer to the ordinary diet is sometimes aided by certain drugs. If the patient is able to swallow, it is well to actively stimulate the solar plexus through the stomach, by giving some very hot drink, such as capsicum, ginger, ether, or camphor; repeating the dose every five minutes until reaction is established.

It is contagious from the presence of a parasite, which penetrates to the hair follicles and the deeper layers of the Van Harlingen pronounces pyrogallic acid a very effective remedy, when applied in an ointment containing twenty to thirty Heitzmann employed in non-parasitic sycosis an ointment of salicylic acid, one part to eight of lard. So far as it goes, however, Dr. In studying this question, the human body should be regarded as a whole: phenazopyridine.


Albumen is quite commonly found in the urine of typhoid fever patients in the third week of the disease. Age seems to operate rather as in the case of can cer, diabetes, and various degenerative diseases, by aftording lime and inciilental causes for development. Fluid is received in several tubes, five or six mils in each. Heart's tissue moderately firm, valves healthy; a few soft clots in the right side.

For the gangrene she was treated precisely as Eisely's daughter. On the other hand, the superior laryngeal nerve was afTected in a small percentage of cases, and this caused an inability to cough out secretions which made respiration difficult and tended to produce pneumonia through damming back of the secretions in the bronchi and lungs.

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