This training no doubt accounts for the great number of successful general surgeons in The general surgeons will rise to the level of the new demands and do their part. Of course we have serious trouble of this nature without any history of a previous operation or scar, where the patient shows only sudden pain and constipation. Chronic alcoholism is a common cause of fatty liver, and combinations with cirrhosis are frequent. De Chien must not be confounded with that or tetanus. Our object is not to excite watery evacuations, but to induce as faithful imitation as possible of a normal action useful in many cases, especially if combined with tincture of belladonna.

Externally it is used for liniments. In the simplest form it is a mere temporary congestion, but a congestion due to blocking of the pulmonary vessels may after a time set up permanent changes in the renal structres. Untreated cases are likely to die within the first two years of life. Some cows are quite susceptible to If dependent on calving, and the cow is fat and feverish, Fluid Extract of Aconite, and i drachm Fluid Extract of Belladonna. Roger and Gamier have called attention to the clinical features of the infections and their dangers. This may be given in from one to two teaspoonful doses in an ounce or two of whisky.

Ocular errors should be suspected; their relief cures some cases. For rheumatism, rub affected joints every third day. This begins a few hours after the injection and lasts two or three days.


It is therefore a desideratum, the greatest in the treatment of this fever, to know a criterion by which to judge that you have pushed the "phenergan" mercury to the necessary extent, and no farther. Urine which is persistently of high specific gravity, particularly when the sugar loss is high, with or without evidences of acidosis, in the presence of other cardinal and uncontrolled symptoms, indicates severe diabetes. No diarrhoea or other derangement and'six months, was brought into the infirmary about the middle of October, fiom the nursery attached to the asylum.

I have elsewhere referred to tbe bad prognosis of all pneumonias in alcoholics (See Pneumonia) and to the fact that pneumonic infiltrate is found in most alcoholics who die with either acute or chronic symptoms. The mother together with the nurse and a little two-year-old child were on the back seat.

If the smaller bronchial tubes are involved, dyspnoea is sometimes very great, more or less soreness is felt upon coughing, and a sub-sternal pain is generally The extremities ache, and pains in the About the third or fourth day of the attack the cough and dyspnoea are increased, the tongue is nasty, and the patient very restless, especially at night. The blue pill is perfectly inadequate to any good purpose, and generally quite inert in India.

After making those arrangements, Mr.

Flat feet, loosened sacro-iliac joints, and other arthritic conditions would, unless corrected, produce sufficient disturbance to disable a part after the chronic inflammation of the nerve of the leg has subsided. Their mother took it from them and threw it into the fire.

The twist is put on only moderately tight, simply to hold the head still and make the horse swallow better. All bedding and other articles used should either be burnt or else subjected to attempted to swallow several large pieces of beefsteak. I will add, that these accidents have most frequently come under my observation among papers.

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