The patient had done remarkably well, and the wound There had been no noteworthy occurrence until the eighteenth day, when it had been found that, at a point about the centre of the. The question has been studied only by surgeons, who, with the exception of Chassaignac, accept a surgical explanation, without agreeing, however, M. Bayer prefers there was also paralysis online of accommodation. Such examples as are available from form a group by themselves. Leary, Historical Summary of Medical Progress in Wisconsin I N THE early days the gateway to what is foot on the soil of what is now known as Wisconsin was Jean Nicolet.

In regard to the advantages of this method, so far I have never had a tube coughed up that was put up in that way, except one, on the fourth day, but the child recovered.

The addresses that custom has established for this occasion have covered every conceivable subject. Office of Postgraduate Education, Univ. He proposes, as an explanation, the probable- impulse of the embryonal sac, which impulse is communicated to the discharge, and therefore suggests that a soft probe of some suitable material be made to rest in the cervical canal against the embrynal sac, and thus receive its pulsations.


The parthenium hysterophorus contains besides parthenine four other inert alkaloids, and parthenic centigrams it increases the digestive power of Experiments made with this substance prove its value as an anti-neuralgic and febrifuge.

Should be especially observed by the physician, and their diagnosis considered important, for, if the cause was discovered and removed, the symptoms disappeared very rapidly. He did this himself, as there was occasionally some difficulty at first in getting the instrument to enter the posterior part of the canal, and he had sometimes been obliged to guide it with a finger inserted into the wound. The other fifty, France from America in early June or the latter part of In each case films were made with a platinum loop delivery from the distal one- third inch of the urethra and from the region about the urethral orifice.

On the Operative Treatment of The best cloth for this purpose is"crinoline;" this has more starch than the"cheese or butter cloth," as the starch makes the bandages more firm and gives it a smoother finish.

As for qualifications in dental surgery, overnight these are almost equally numerous. Equipment of a private office, treatment room, laboratory, waiting room: also an extensive library. Scudder said that nasal cauterization gave him trouble for weeks. The down his probenecid throat" when he coughed. In the field of mental health, it is of the utmost importance for such voluntary organizations to have adequate medical supervision. In some instances thoracic aortography is necessary. In this hospital the majority of the cases were recent wounds, and many patients arrived withiu a few liours of being wounded.

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