They seem to forget that the absolute rights of a consulting party are far from being many.

The sixth intercostal space in the anterior axillary line, the sixth or seventh space in the midaxillary line, and the eighth space below the angle of the at one sitting. Richardson (as aether spray) in painful operations on superficial parts.


In infancy and childhood, again, a diet not merely unequal to the wants of the frame, but unsuitable to the age, or destitute of some essential element of growth, often sows the seeds of future weakness and disease.

The peculiar limitation of area, the intense itching, the persistence of the lesions; and, notwithstanding all, the good general health of the patient, seemed to make this a unique case. Protracted special meetings have been held and officials of the Society have responded to the invitations of the Committee to be present.

Each sphere of activity as indicated in the charter will be the special field of a standing committee, and these committees will be assisted by experts in law, medicine, chemistry, and all other The possibilities for good of a society of this kind are incalculable, and the League, working along the lines sketched in the charter, will deserve the hearty support of the medical profession of the country. Tion followed by a thorough rinsing in sterile water. The victims were of all ages, ranging from an old man of eighty-seven to a little girl of eight years. The proptosis was a consequence of the increased intraocular tension from secondary glaucoma produced by obliteration of Fontana's spaces and Schlemni's H. I think I have proven by my experience thus far that Prof. The patient is required to respond to any word uttered with the first word that comes into his consciousness. These results can be obtained in a large number of cases if the patient will go I have recently treated several cases of transverse fracture of the lower end of the humerus, which could not be held in place by the usual ambulatory splints, or at any angle of flexion or extension of the arm. With few exceptions, the walls were guiltless of ornamentation, and the barred windows and locked door, the crib bed, the massive furniture fastened to the floor, and the dozen or more inhuman devices for mechanical restraint, made up a picture well calculated to strike terror into the heart of the newcomer and to fill with despair the unhappy victim of prolonged incarceration." Dr. That it is, in the beginning at least, an inflammatory affection is quite evident from a study of its histopathology, but it is equally evident that the inflammation must possess some special characters since ordinary inflammatory processes do not give rise to Leucoplakia is notoriously rebellious to treatment, and few local applications cause any perceptible improvement. Erb has described a syphilitic spinal paralysis, of which he regards the following as characteristic signs: (i.) the usual symptoms of spastic paraplegia; (ii.) marked exaggeration of the deep reflexes; (iii.) muscular contractions, slight as compared with the reflexes; (iv.) slight but distinct disturbances of sensation and implication of the The onset of these cases is gradual, and they show a tendency to More than half the cases occurred within three years of infection; and though Erb had not verified any by necropsy, he thought the lesion was partly a syphilitic infiltration and partly syphilitic disease of the vessels, leading to myelitis.

The ordinary disability board in the crowded hospital, obliged to pass upon the soldier as he is hurriedly evacuated, can make renova but an imperfect and superficial prognosis as to the future capabilities of as the convalescent passes from hospital to hospital on his way toward the rear. Since high arterial pressure increases transudation, and high venous pressure prevents absorption, these are the most favourable conditions for increasing the outflow of cerebro-spinal fluid from a cranial The cerebro-spinal fluid should be regarded as the lymph of the brain, its secretion and resorption being explained on the same lines as other lymphatic exudations. Online - they were about as large around as the little finger, and at their extremities very sensitive.

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