Many of these growths are so small, and situated so deeply in the meatus that, unless the whole passage be exposed to view, they may be overlooked. The liver holds back some of these disintegrated proteins when the blood passes through it. Also, on the right of the sternum the position and size of the right auricle, although it is not distinctly outlined, can be better ascertained by the fluorescope than by other means; likewise the right border of the venae cavsB, which is much more marked in the fluorescope than the right auricle; but the right border of the ventricle, being behind the sternum in health, is then better determined by percussion than The position of the heart varies in health in different persons. The following case illustrates this point: after the injections, and a few days after a negative Wassermann reaction had been reported, a gumma on the left Much has been written recentlv about nerve recurrences (nenrorecidkes); and Ehrlich attributes these to almost complete sterilization of the bodv with a residue of spirochsetae in the affected region, usually some narrow bony channel or nonvascular region. As a matter of fact, if these physicians would study the actual results of the establishment of a clinic and the undertaking of educational work in a community they would realize that an intensive educational campaign means for them more patients instead of fewer, and that patients who are able to pay for treatment will consult the venereal disease specialist, or will be referred to him by the clinic.

All heavy gravies, strong meat soups, potted and preserved meats and fish, and highly seasoned dishes were prohibited. It is true, he thought he had himself made sertraline some cures by mercury, but here we must call to mind that the diagnosis was not then always certain, and that mere symptoms are often illusory. These patients drain from four to twelve weeks, but the fistula will finally close. To produce much effect with it, repeated doses, at short The pungent property, already alluded to, causes it to require plentiful dilution, which is, of course, facilitated by the addition of some demulcent. THORNE, Walter Scott, of San Francisco, Cayuga county, N: online.

The patient was a primipara and she recovered. The broken line beloir Inner end of IbR clailcle ibom areb of aorta. That was when he wrote entitled, The Philosophy of Domestic Life, which met prescription with a favorable reception from the reading public. The medical treatment I have combined with it is so simple and mild, that a great deal cannot be attributed to it; being merely small doses of calomel and Dover's powder occasionally, during the day, and at night, as a sedative. They were made from photographs of dissections. Some were a series of compounds of organic radicles, as ethyle, acctyle, formyle, and methyle, and all had one common character of being manufactured articles. It may be remarked, that nearly two-thirds of these cases have subsequently been lame for life. There he taught with distinguished success to the time of his death.

Physical examination: Age considered, the man was normal in appearance and nutrition.

As cases of tetanus with slow invasion, long prodromal stage, and not severe convulsions may recover spontaneously they have not been taken into account in estimating the results produced by this method of treatment, but attention is focussed on the severer forms in which the natural mortality is grave tetanus treated with injections of carbolic treated in this manner eleven of the fatal cases received insufficient doses and if these are thrown out of account twenty-seven remain of which twentytwo patients recovered and five died; making the from grave tetanus which could not recover spontaneously were ninety-eight per cent., from very grave tetanus from eighty-one to eighty-five per cent. Wagner no contracted the disease, and voluntarily went to the pest-house.

This made more prominent the right costo-iliac space. Most of the patients had been living in the city for several years.


At a recent meeting of the Seaboard Medical Association, The District Nurse and Relief Committee of Greensboro presented a memorial tablet to the State Sanatorium for his fight against tuberculosis in the state.

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