In many states there are laboratories where various examinations are made for physicians practicing in the state. The hand usually takes a very significant position that of the"obstetrical hand." It is also described as a"penholding" position. ) and find that, in general, materials blanket, it must not be assumed that he will only receive, say depending on the particular circumstances, and will transmit energy, not only by secondary radiation, but also by conduction, both by direct contact and across air pockets trapped between What is of importance is the total heat supplied to the patient by all mechanisms, and we have been able to evaluate the different contributions in one case. This is rarely a serious operation, but resection of the nerve and primary suture of its divided ends may be necessary. On commencing practice in this city, Medical Department of the Vanderbilt Clinic, and at the time of his death he was one of the most active and valuable assistants there. The extradural portions of the sacral roots are most frequently involved by tumors or disease of the sacrum; at first, as a rule, only one root is affected and the earliest symptom is generally pain, which is often extremely severe, referred to the peripheral distribution of its sensory fibers, and paresis of the muscles which are largely supplied by it.

Resection of the small intestine (Maunsell's method), an escape of fecal matter into the peritoneal cavity was followed by the use of a liberal quantity of dioxide, and although general peritonitis and fibrinous exudation in the intestine was present at the time, the peritonitis subsided, the temperature never rose as high after the operation as previous to it, and the boy up to date has made a good recovery. We believe that the epidemic will soon be over." from the city of Vienna, Johnson county, that a man suffering from a disease presumed to be yellow fever, was lying on the ground near a railroad water The Secretary wired the local Board of Health for information and received We have just seen the case yon inquired about. Further than that the present case does not require us to go.

We see no immediate prospect of relief from this con dition of things. It is a healthy and powerful temperance tale, and a fearless exposure of the quiet drinking that was so common in respectable circles thirty years ago. For there are some men who would never make good hospital orderlies, and in fact would never be successful at any kind of hospital work, but would make excellent soldiers. Generosity was the ruling feature of his life. But all these psychic manifestations are relatively less frequent in tabes than the occurrence of symptoms characteristic of general paresis. But atler twenty-four hours the quantity diminishes. The selection would be in the hands of ttie medical profession and the quota to be furnished by rarh County in the It is conHdetitly hoped that when this proposal is thoronpMy Uiiderstood it will receive the cordial support of every red blooded plqrsician who desires to render the moat effectives error which was made by myself in disctissing the papers of Drs. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Boston, Mass. The patient complains usually of an escape of urine from tin rectum, bit sometimes of flatus and fteces passing along the urethra. From this judgment this appeal was taken. Robey, Franklin Reese Official Register of Legally Qualified Physicians. Ashmead inoculated with his blood-serum; ten drops, his sister, a healthy girl, who had played with him, kissed comes to the following conclusions: It is probable that the first inoculation of immune blood-serum gave protection to the girl. Daily sponge-baths, followed by vigorous rubbing of the whole surface will, in a short time, restore the normal tone of the capillary circulation, and the patient experiences a degree of comfort and safety perhaps never before known.

There are some cases which fail to respond to the measures already detailed; there are others, generally recognized by writers, when menstruation is absent without any deterioration of health, known as cases of sexual atony or torpor; and others in which the flow fails or disappears earlier than the usual age.


If conjunctivitis is present this sign is not reliable. As hospital doctors only relatively seldom see patients on the first day of the disease, the temperature will already have begun to fall when the One would be inclined to think the temperature falls simultaneously with the dissolution of the membrane. Iomc hundreds or lires, yet never a one ot tne trimox fame degree v. At times the muscles of expression and of mastication are involved. Bei der Anwendung der Kapillaroskopie wird man naturgemass die Verhaltnisse bei Kapillarpuls mit gewisser Spannung untersuchen. Bartholow was a thoughtful age of fifteen years he enlisted in in the common schools, and also for a time attended Wesleyan University. Dann schreiten wir zu einer Untersuchung des allgemeinen Wirkungsbildes des Mittels auf kalt- und warmblutige Tieren.

He was called to see a married woman on pain in swallowing and of acute pain in the right ear, the resumed its normal condition, but the earache persisted.

He deemed the lack of a proper system responsible for the readiness with which Spanish America declared a quarantine against any infected port or country; as once invaded by any contagious or infectious diseases, the Spanish American Republics were almost powerless. The latter related to other organs as well as to the uterus.

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