Professor Bennett does not adhere to this division of the disease, believing it to be unm thymus, mesenteric, and lymphatic glands, with the pineal and pituitary bodi be the blood corpuscles in the same manner as ti the spermatozoa, or the mamma- the milk. The inflammation often extends to the substance of the cord, causing meningomyelitis. Neuralgia in this situation is often dependent on malaria, and the paroxysms of pain sometimes exemplify the same laws of periodicity which govern the recurrence of the paroxysms of intermittent fever. The student often sees the experiment carried out in those animals; they are printed upon his mind, and when at the bedside he is too apt to apply the physiology of the higher animals to man. They may disappear, and usually do so, but at times they persist, and form a new growth, the in connection either with pregnancy or teratomata, and characterized clinically, by its appearance during the puerperal state, by its very rapid growth, by intractable haemorrhages and by visceral metastases wliich are propagated by the blood-vessels; and, histologically, by peculiar Read at meeting of Canadian Medical Association, Halifax, N,!S., August cellular elements which differ in themselves from those of any other The disease has only been recognized during the last twelve or fourteen years, cases before that time being diagnosed as carcinoma of the in a paper read before the Gynaecological Society of Leipsic, so that our knowledge of the malady may be said to date from that time. The great Descartes warmly espoused the doctrine. For measuring liquids flowing weight through small tubes. His breathing is very There is dulness on both sides of chest in the subclavicular region, but more especially on the right; here also can be heard large, dry ronchi; the breathing is not so audible on this side. Read at the Dublin Obstetrical Society, - of arm and shoulder presentation in which version cannot be performed without exposing the mother to extreme danger, though of rare occurrence, arc sufficiently common to make it necessarv words of Denman,"the Bhoulder is so tar advanced into the pelvis, and the action of the uterus is. Striking illustrations of this fact have come under my observation. I want to congratulate this Society upon having a Potter who, in this case, out of this matter, will make a vessel of honor, teaching us a remedy when our loved ones have tuberculosis, diphtheria and scarlatina, so that we will not stand in awe of those diseases as we do now.


At the end of twelve days more they were still present, but beginning to disappear, and three weeks afterwards no trace of them wa.s found, Troasseau, in speaking of the diagnosis of pulmonary abscess from other collection's of pas, either between the lobes of the lung or in the pleural sac, lays great weight upon the period at which expectoration takes place fin the former, not later than the twenty-fifth day, in the latter, on the fortieth, fiftieth, or examination of the sputa gives further data for the differential diagnosis. At long and wholly uncertain intervals, under the influence of widespread occult causes, the disease suddenly invades wide tracts of territory, prevails as an epidemic scourge for an indefinite period, and then vanishes as mysteriously as it came. In the Cornish mines, the temperature is said to increase regularly about one degree Fahrenheit in every fifty feet in the upper parts, and one in every eighty-five feet in the lower parts; and this is, with local exceptions, nearly the rate at which the temperature rises in other mines. Metrorrhagia of the menopause may be the result of an infectious state of the uterus, or, on the contrary, may appear from a few months to a year after the cessation of the menses, without there having been any infiamimatory lesion of the uterus at the time of the last menstruaticn. By this means he has saved patients from apparent death where all other treatment proved inadequate. Results and isolated the organism from the blood in a few febrile cases. Gain - fissure, the opening between the levator palpebra; superioris muscle.

If again metritis, pelvic inflammatory action i- fully sufficient to account for the condition of the Uterus, and it should be always borne in mind that it docs not follow that the enlargement will disappear with the subsidence of tin; inflammation; bo again in other eases, we should ascertain if menstruation ha- been checked or suppressed, and if symptoms ible to the uterus have followed on this, or if again, pain in the back and over the pubis was first noticed, nien-t mat ion being subsequently le.-sened or suppressed; in the former ease we are likely to find that the enlargement depend- on congestion, in the on chronic inflammation, periactin while hypertrophy steals on gradually, menstruation being seldom interfered with, and it is of no small importance to decide to which cause the enlargement is due, for u bile much may be done to relieve the Bufferings caused by enlargement of the Uterus the result Of Chronic inflammation, treatment -eem utterly powerless in alleviating those produced bysimplehypertrophy of the uteru-.

Durins: the last few weeks we hear from several sources tliat a like epid.cmic is again in our midst.

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