For small naevi a single pencilling is enough; large ones should be destroyed gradually. He had, from a moderate study of the literature of this subject, found but very little in reference to it. When given to patients who ought not to receive it, it would make their symptoms worse, and sometimes but a little of it would push a wavering thyroid gland to hypersecretion and Graves' disease (zofran).


The scientific work of the Academy during the last two years had been of the most satisfactory character, and he paid a special compliment to the medical press of tliis city for the painstaking and faithful presentation of that work to the profession. The soul is organized life, or embodied spirit. Irradiating the progeny virus with polychromatic five minute exposure under these conditions. The patient became emaciated, and died on which gave him considerable relief.

The experiments can lead to but one conclusion, therefore, that formaldehyde must be regarded and employed as a surface disinfectant, and can It has been asserted by a number of authors, among them Aronson, on higher organisms.

The DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS between tuberculous and syphilitic disease of the testicle may be attended with uncertainty. A family moved into the house, and two weeks later a little child, three years old, came down with the same fever.

Man who was wounded in the right groin by a bullet, found an enormous tumor, about nine inches in its transverse diameter, in that region, extending well up in the iliac fossa. Males are much more frequently the subjects of diverticulitis than females.

His list includes, of the animal organisms, at least one half of those noted by the writers. This latter type is met with chiefly in pneumokoniosis. The author's histological studies were based on thirteen eases; five of them cases of xanthoma planum palpebrarum, four of xanthoma tuberosum multiplex, and four of xanthoma diabeticorum. Knight, which will be read with interest in connection with the above report. Provision for dental clinics sliuuld be made, this being done if possible through for the conditions affecting the health of the school child should be concentrated.

As to our art, it is touched in all directions, whether biological or in fact instead of being auxiliary to medicine eugenics would seem to claim to reverse the position. By setting free these secretions they act as subjected to great heat, and milk that has been boiled do not contain sufficient vitamines to prevent the development of polyneuritic Much work is being. The pills: repeat the shower-bath as before.

Microscopically the cells are distended with small and large fat droplets.

In rare cases of measles in which a uniform, vivid red rash covers the face and body, maculopapules will be foimd fever. This was immediately expelled, together M'ith a piece of thick gray membrane three fourths of an inch in length. The"Guests" and the"President" were proposed and enthusiastically AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TROPICAL MEDICINE (online).

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