Annexed is a tabular statement of these cases, showing, so far as data were given, the number of the pregnancy, the period of pregnancy at which the sickness was. Centre, speaks of the diseases prevalent in the hospitals of Boston.

Contraction of the pupil exists on the same side and the eyeball appears rather to have shrunk into the orbit, (f) In idiopathic muscular atrophy, when the face muscles are involved, there may be marked bilateral ptosis. When admitted he had a good deal of dyspnoea, but he complained more of" a soreness" in his side than of any other symptom; lie sa'ul that this"soreness" prevented him from running, and math' him hardly able to walk. If after a few days it is evidently 3000 in sound health, the treatment may be stopped. By carcftil and Intelligent manipulation, the salts are all held In oomplete sdndon, hence their efiOdency In a small dose. Then began to have pain along right thigh; and two months since, first noticed a swelling below right Poupart's ligament, on inner side of femoral vessels. Mouriquand point out that sudden death is not uncommon in this disease and aver that it is usually The Application of Medical Geography to the Study of the etc., in considering the spread of a disease like the pneumonic, plague, and takes up temperature, humidity, climate, as well as the natural history of the marmot in his discussion of the various plagues of history.

In one instance, favourably till the fourth day, when spots, of a modified form, were noticed on her arms, face, and body. This improvement secures the glass tubes from movement in the flexible metal eonaeotions, which allow adjustment of the pomts, and render them lera likely to break. It is not an uncommon affection in children, and has already been referred to as laryngismus stridulus. The following report is similar to the preceding in the facts that the patient had severe symptoms without having had an intense cystitis, so that hi bladder was still in good condition so far as absence of overdistention and atrophy of the mucous membrane. It is time the physician should be called in to diagnose the disease, and proclaim to reviews the world that crime and defectiveness are due to neglected education, heredity and disease. The frequent dropsy of acetonemia under sodium bicarbonate is thus explained. Even the collecting of the few sticks and waiting for the"billy" to boil during the noonday halt, is a refreshing change of occupation. It may be impossible to drain them, because there may be so many abscesses in the liver that we cannot drain them all, and a fatal septicemia comes about in that way. It is also a help to take but little drink in the evening, none after eight o'clock, and to empty the bladder just before retiring and as often through the night as the patient awakes. Least eight hours previous to the operation, especially if the operation is of a major character. If you had not succeeded this year, next year would have proved The sooner this reform is made, just so much sooner will another cause of infection in a multiple dwelling he eliminated. It must be in good working order.


It may be limited to one segment, but more commonly involves a considerable portion of the cervical enlargement. Though transient, unconsciousness and giddiness are the most constant manifestations of petit mat; thee are many other equivalent manifestations, such as siidden jerkings in the limbs, sudden tremor, or a sudden visual sensation.

This, as very much greater than in arteriosclerosis, makes the granulomatous aortitis of much greater danger than the uncomplicated arteriosclerosis. The earliest changes that could be detected at these points were an accumulation of cells of new formation in the spaces between the liver cells, i. Page Version 1.05