From the chair of tbs Institutes of Medicine both physiology and pathology were taught. The rings were pac a- early as the filth day in one ol bis periments.

There are cases in which animal food seems injurious. On the other hand, in the post-mortem room of the Philadelphia Hospital, which received of which came from the medical wards. Administration on Aging YES! Please send me free information to use when talking with my patients about their multiple medicine use. In doubtful cases, when leucorrhcea is present, the urine should be withdrawn by a catheter. In one case of choroiditis the improvement was as great as, but no greater than, when remedies were administered by the mouth. The extraordinary development of all the physical sdenoes, have contributed most largely to the enlightenment of tiie" geeae" of Barclay's witticism. II istory: A man aged f'oi ty-eight i ontracted syphilis at twenty one The disease ran the usual course. Professor president; Professor S I Bi e secretary, and Professor Lipp, of Graa, THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. The girl's general health was perfectly good. Regarding the treatment of cancer of the cervix uteri by caustics, he said that a considerable number of excepting one were dead, and this patient could not live long. The disease rarely occurs in young persons, is most frequent after the fortieth year, and is more common in men than in women. He advises that the skin should be nicked with a scalpel before the introduction of the trocar, and that a tube should be passed in through the cannula, the latter being withdrawn over it The tube being then firmly secured to the side and sealed to prevent the entry of air, the slow escape of the fluid through a siphon attached to the tube is followed by a corresponding expansion of the lung.

Addition to the aortic insufficiency.

On the other hand, the antithermic action of antipyrin never failed,, but its use should be attended Absence of Powder-marks no Evidence against of suicide of prominent men, both of whom had evidently shot themselves in the head, there were no powder-marks visible on the skin. Among the many changes which have occurred within the past twenty-five years, I would place these first in order of importance, since they assure the continued success of McGill as a school of practical medicine. The inflammatory scleroses embrace a less important and less extensive group, comprising secondary fonns which develop in consequence of irritative inflammation about tumors, foreign bodies, haemorrhages, and abscess. It must not be forgotten, however, that these glands, especially those connected with viscera, are also frequently enlarged from concurrent tuberculosis. Signs of the very early implication of the bronchial glands, he said, were not infrequent in the phthisis of adults. Symptoms grows from the transverse throbbing impulse of the arch in aortic insufficiency. Many of the phenomena of electricity as related to physiology are equally unexplainable, but none the less do we utilize them in therapeutics. When killed later, vessels thrombosed.


Dying in Paris from typhoid have not offered gnc a proportionate THE ETIOLOGY OF CROUPOUS PNEUMONIA. The conclusions reached from the examination of this series of cases agree with those of the last-mentioned observers. Page Version 1.05