Complete recovery might be expected "paypal" in nephritis following an acute infectious disease, but might be delayed months. It is neither too simple nor yet too difficult, and affords little occasion for"associative anchorings" (quite the contrary being the case with Binet's designs). After discussing the matter they reported that they approved of this step.

The two conditions referred to were so distinct that there appeared to be no reason why all cases should be included under the same head and treated in the same manner.

The importance of this early recognition must impress itself upon all of us, since we are too familiar with the long and final road traveled by cancerous patients. In the first place, the various Du Bois-Reymond induction coils which I used in the course of my experiments, extending over eighteen months, did not all beat between eighteen and twenty-eight a second; and, in the second place, as I stated above, I found that the rate of stimulation, with as slow and rapid rates as could be obtained from such a coil, did not I have lately, however, performed some experiments on this point in the Physiological Institute here, with the kind from two Du Bois-Reymond induction coils.

At the end ot tliis time it was removed, and then and since, up to the present, there has been no return of the displacement. Figures relating to tuberculosis presented to the Essex Insurance Committee at their monthly meeting at the figures pointed to one moral, the sanatorium benefit was not the whole story. It never has been, and probably never will be recognized as it deserves by those for whom it is done.

It was practically impossible for the operator to know exactly how much traction could be exerted upon the uterus without also making undue traction on not even make the woman an invalid. Let us leave no stone unturned to see that How to Eliminate Undesirable Jargon The unintelligible and the inhumane types of jargon should be eliminated from medical writing. As a eupeptic, a general stimulant and one of the nervous system, and an indirect defender of the liver its use is indicated in tuberculosis. In moderate doses it appears to act particularly upon the cerebrum; in very large doses it affects the spinal cord and medulla oblongata, the reflexes disappear, the respirations are arrested, and eventually the heart also is stopi)ed. Finally in place of a gathering the adjacent parts become affected until the hand was a mass of tiny ulcerative sores. The Study of the Pulse, Arterial, Venous and Hepatic, The Macmillan Company. From the moment I graduated from medical school our profession has been under constant attack. However, he added, the AMA House of Delegates last year adopted flat prohibitions against physician ownership in a drug repackaging company or controlling interest in a pharmaceutical company while engaged in the practice of medicine. The" Internationale klinische Rundschau" gives the following formula, taken from the" Pharmaceutische Post": states in"Nouveaux reniedes" (without mentioning the source of his information) that Barboeci recommends a mixture of equal parts of camphor and animal charcoal as a cleansing and anodyne application to entitled" Some Observations on Aortic Aneurysm, with a Report of the Inverted Lower Portion of the Right Ureter through the Urethra in a Female Child two weeks old," and give a demonstration of utensils read a paper on'" The.Etiology and Treatment of Infantile Eczema"; At the next meeting of the Section in Obstetrics and Gynecology, paper entitled" On the Value of frequently repeated Doses of Arsenic in the Treatment of Bullous Diseases of the Skin, especially in Children." At the next meeting of the Section in Laryngology and Rhinology, a paper on"Adenoid Vegetations in Children, their Diagnosis and novel feature of the programme is entitled" presentation of questions," and it is stated that" These will be welcomed from any source, and may be sent by mail or handed in at the meetings." of man the ratio of the transverse to tl;e anteroposterior diameter physicians in South America, those who are well educated arc, we belicv(!, always welcome. No one section of the state, race, social or economic class is responsible; the problem cuts through These needs must be met to develop more effective control over the situation in our state: Prompt and accurate reporting by private laboratories Funds to employ and train additional investigators. It is to be expected that these foreign graduates of United States medical schools will serve as ambassadors of good will, and will aid in fostering cordial relations with many countries. Thus, in combatting thrombo-embolic complications, the chief emphasis must be placed on the prevention of venous stasis. He therefore prepared his cultivations according to Frankel's directions for such cases. It is extremely important, then, that carbon monoxide poisoning be treated promptly and efficiently the moment the condition is recognized.

The pulse was somewhat Patient had observed that the dorsum of the right emollient drinks, enemata, with twenty leeches to the anus. If mind is a force of nature it is as much more subtle than electricity as electricity is more subtle than water and its reaction on ordinary matter is not appreciable by any of the five animal senses and cannot therefore be brought before our animal consciousness.


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