Hence these two Committees have worked jointly during the year. Meltzer has described a form of tuberculous pericarditis in which firm nodules were found similar to those in the perlsucht of cattle: lice.

He complained, however, of a slight, continuous, aching pain just above the pubes Soon after admission he passed both urine and fasces, the former normal, the latter soft and streaked with blood. The worms are said to be very pretty and lifelike, and it requires close inspection to discover the fact that they are made of celluloid. We must be able to react to these political moves. They are on the lookout for invaders, foreigners, such as bacteria, bacilli, and microorganisms of every kind, for such are the natural prey of the leukocytes, or, as better designated, the phagocyte. The observations of Jawein, that the diastatic power of the saliva is not infrequently diminished in long-lasting, debilitating diseases, together with the fact that the various secretions of the body are altered, and that the glandular functions and tissues in general are changed, and the occurrence of sialorrhea and sialaporia in the various anemias, have led me to study the ferment power of the saliva in these conditions.


Lessened functional activity, whatever its cause, is the most plausible reason (in). Much interest was aroused by Teichmiiller's observation india on the eosinophiles in the sputum in favorable cases. Three years ago I brought this subject' under the notice of the profession, and described at length my mode of operating and of draining; and to these points I would now briefly direct attention. Little good results from any treatment, and as there is about one per cent of the entire population affected, care should be exercised by railroad officials, pilot boards, etc., that no affected person be employed, so as to avoid serious accidents. In mammals this part predominates, making of the capsules an essentially glandular organ. Cream - miss Knealy is now more than ever convinced that it could not I ave possibly been better spent; that for the study of human nature and a thorough realization of some of its most suggestive phases, the life of a physician is pre-eminently fittc d. Aside from the presence of tubercle bacilli and a large percentage of mononuclear cells, the other information obtained by lumbar puncture may be regarded as rather more valuable in excluding tuberculous meningitis. If not well, the same rules are observed until recovery is I allow no water used on the affected parts, except at time of general bath. I would advise digitalis, three times daily, and perhaps, in addition, potassium iodide and the iodide of iron, together (permethrin).

It seems likely that it will pass the Legislature. Gout, when it only affects the joints, is said to be regular; when it attacks the various organs it is said to be. I have used it during protracted labor in niany cases as a means of giving the patient a more perfect rest during the intervals between pains, never found it to have any bad effect in any way. Superficial inflammation of the skin with continued exfoliation of minute, branlike scales, usually on the head, often extending to parts or whole of the body with itching, pricking, etc. The prime requisite is the faculty of age in the blood by inheritance; in other words, that the body has been woimd up, as it were, and sent into the world with through a long period, that this is the case with ever)' organ, and that the several organs are so adjusted to one another as to form a well-balanced whole. The hospital buildings proper will number ten, consisting of six pavilions of ward buildings, two infirmaries, and two isolated buildings planned especially for the most dangerous and vicious class.

It should not be forgotten that retroperitoneal hemorrhage may produce the same picture.

VERATRUM VIRIDE IN PUERPERAL CONVULSIONS. Occurring in young adults, it has the same meaning, and tells the story of commencing failure of power. Page Version 1.05