The symptoms of tumours of this region and of the interpeduncular space are those of pressure on the optic chiasm, viz., early optic neuritis and hemianopia. The membrane of the cysts are softened by digestion, and the spores having l)ecome free enter into the intestine or liver. What strikes us particularly in this present catalogue is, that the publishers differentiate between books issued before the"Attention is called to the fact that such a differentiation is an effort to conform to the American standard of criticism that seems to be that'the last is best.' The British School hesitates to subscribe"Some of the greatest monuments of British Medicine are pre-war products. For this pnrpose he aetive ser- will be furnished with the Medical History Sheets (Army stating their age and length of service, and having a column of remarks for him and another for the Principal Medical Officer; he will mark each man fit or unfit as the case may be, and if the latter, will brieiiy specify the cause.

Dermatitis secondary to a neuritis of the intercostal nerves. The principal points of origin are the lungs and pleura, the lymph glands, and the remains the disease is latent until the growth is of sufficient size to encroach Dyspnoea is constant, apt to occur early in the disease, and is osiially due to pressure on the recurrent laryngeal nerves or the brachea, less commonly to displacement of the heart or great vessels, or the presence of a large pleural effusion. He had been suffering seven weeks with excruciating pain in the upper jaw.

The special growth of the medical school m teaching of science.

In certain forms, because of the peculiar character of the breathing, it is spoken of as" choking" respiration: effects.

With these powers at our disposal, an investigation was begun into the occurrence of this acetonuria, and almost at once an extraordinary fact was brought to light. With the completeness of the obstruction. This point is of more than academic interest inasmuch as at the present time no line of therapy has been aide to prevent or greatly retard the recurrence of subsequent attacks in such individuals. Two years later, Korsch - publisheti a paper in which he described the application of the ambulant treatment to compound fractures and fractures o the thigh. I took the precaution to give a hypodermic of ergotole as soon as the child was born. In every country subject to visitations of this disease the sanitary condition of the towns should be most carefully attended to, especially as they refer to the stegomyia mosquito. It is probable that in some instances the edges of the valve cusps turn over because of weakness and consequent stretching of the papillary muscles, side thus permitting a slight regurgitation.

The essential element in the production of the thrombotic pile is a thrombosis in one or more of the dilated veins of the external plexus. It is possible that the anaesthetic in part is excreted into the alimentary canal and reabsorbed from it. Macleod considers that, in the circumstances, stitches will not hold in the soft and inflamed liver tissue; he also considers that, in the event of the incision having to be made in the thoracic wall, removal of part of a rib is unnecessary. For instance, a person who is apparently well, bat from some slight irritation seen in the throat a culture is taken aud found to contain the Klebs-Loffler bacillus.

For instance, in referring to the death of a certain Turkish prince he remarks:"en cecy ne parle point dudit Turc, car je tiens ce point Wahabees, who are reputed to claim that the world Philippe has left no actual discourse on medical matters as did Montaigne and Moliere: but he was more BOSTON MEDICAL ASD SURGICAL JOURNAL or less mixed up with the end of several very prominent men. The opening was valvular, from above downward. Nausea - with reference to the relative preponderance of serum albumin and serum globulin in various diseases it is claimed by Senator that in amyloid degeneration of the kidney the serum globulin may equal or exceed the serum albumin in many cases, and that this relation constitutes an important diagnostic symptom. The number of cases is very small. Medical profession of the country.


In regard to this consummation Franklin subsequently wrote:"A convenient and handsome building was soon erected, the institution has by constant experience been found useful, and flourishes to this day, and I do not remember any of my political manoeuvres, the success of which at the time gave me more pleasure; or, wherein, after thinking of it, I more easily excused myself for having made some use of cunning." A legacy of debts due to and from Dr. Note the betterment in angle and in patient was discharged, but presently returned with the obviously loose fracture shown in the middle plate. The condition if of long standing makes the patient thin so that the abdomen, especially in nullipara, is not necessarily protuberant and these cases oftenest escape detection. Lastly, Aspergillus fumigatus or Fenicillium glaucum. I say this because it is one of the diseases we need all the remedies we can secure. And this reminds me that I often meet an uvula clipped, when the cause was As you see, this paper deals more with generalties than with details. Page Version 1.05