In an article On the Influence of Language Upon Medical Thought and Practice, Dr (phenergan). Jsfa;tural philofophers fay, it comes to pafs becaufe there is beginning where tlie mifcbevious impofthume doth begin, for in a circle there is neither beginning nor end. Works on surgical anatomy, which abound in England and Germany, are in France comparatively few in number. Term for a peculiar crystalline substance, still little known, Bot. When physical activity is reduced, the acidity of the urine should be adjusted Uro-Phosphate gives comfort and protection when inactivity causes discomfort in the urinary function.

King continues his Statistics of Placenta Prcevia, based upon cases which have already appeared in the American Journal of the The president's address, the report of the Committee on Necrology, and the proceedings and discussions complete this handsomely gotten-up volume, in which the compositor appears to have done his work much better than tlie proof-reader, as the pages are marred by some unfortunate errors that careful revision would have prevented. Convenient agent to help make the angina patient s life more livable. A diet high in composition of the microflora in inhibition in the production of potential carcinogens; or, a diet high in fiber might contain less of dietary fiber, by decreasing the reduce the exposure time of the tissue to carcinogens. The semilunar ganglia were normal in appearance. Name of an instrument about eight inches in length, consisting of a circular piece of sole leather li inch in diameter, fixed in a steel stirrup (by means of screws fixed at the ends of the cheeks into the circular edge of the leather, admitting of free motion on its axis) used to receive the strokes of the for an excess of parts, as three testes, six repletion; a superfluity of blood; also, a a fulness or plumpness of body: pletho'ra.

Where more than usual obstinacy in obtaining relief occurs, I have found that a teaspoonful of antimonial wine at bed-time aids greatly in relieving the stomach of that burden of viscid phlegm which excites the convulsive efforts to throw it off; whilst a small teaspoonful of common carbonate of soda, given in the morning, seems to diminish very considerably its secretion during the day.


They can be corrected by means so simple and obvious that they can be employed by the family physician with confidence and safety. And when they remained firm and of joyful countenance, rendered more noble by the torture, he ordered crosses to be made and the martyrs being stretched upon them were pelted montreal with stones. Laboratories all over the civilized world turn out millions of doses every year. Term by de Candolle for the Gynobasis when it has the form of a well-developed fleshy disc, as in the to those of the Diptera BJyodaria Calyp. Traumatism during labor has undoubtedly been the cause of hemiplegia in some instances, but the author has seen only one case which was probably seen only four cases in which the paralysis could be called congenital. These tubes should be and may be later adjusted on any kind used, then, for epilation, in the treat- of a support. The bronchial and mediastinal glands were also sale involved. At The mg last printed list of the neriodicals which are received in the library was published four years ago. One of the glycerine pastes was All these are very proper procedures in nearly every case, but unfortunately the calomel, podophyllin and laxative saline medicines were given faithfully for twelve hours.

Direct apis formed by an insulated metallic wire, plications have no influence on sensibilAbout in the middle of the instrument, ity, simply give a sensation of warmth at the point of junction of the metallic and induce perspiration, part and the bougie emerges a blunt High frequency currents exercise an platinum blade, having the shape of a energetic action on vaso-motor nerves, half lozenge with rounded angles.

After ten days of the most excruciating distress, increased to the greatest intensity when at stool, Mr. When this sordid plot is unearthed after autopsy, we can hope that the statute would wrap the pathologist in a protective mantle of good faith and shield him from litigation. Whether it is through bad government and order; or becaufe there is fome hidden caufe in thofe difpolitions; for, as Averrois faith, the number of elements is infinite in works of nature, the which none befides the Author of nature doth underftand. Page Version 1.05