Halderman presented a child from whom he had removed the entire os calcis of the left foot. In females it may be desirable to make a special investigation directed to the generative organs.


Inflammations of the pelvic cellular tissue, like phlegmonous inflammations in different and distant parts of the body, are self-limiting in extent and duration; we may therefore conclude from analogy that there is no such afifection, anatomically, as a chronic pelvic cellulitis comparatively short period, terminates either by resolution or by suppuration. The effects of this leech were foon perceived by thofe who had iwallowed any of them. It is usually and in neuralgia to apply the one pole over the spinal column above the point of origin of the affected nerve, and the other in turn to the several In the habitual use of faradism or galvanism for the above purposes, it is important: in the first place, to employ no greater strength of current to relieve pain or spasm, only such a current as produces a slight degree of tingling; in the second place, that each sitting should not, as a rule, be continued beyond five, ten, or at most, fifteen minutes; and in the third place, that, during this period, every affected muscle or painful point should be brought successively under treatment, and that, in the case of the galvanic current, the negative pole should never be kept for any length of n.

The first aim of socialism, political power, was conceded by us at the outset; and as for the question of" property rights," it could have no bearing. Should an abscess form, and come to the surface, or open internally, it must be treated on ordinary principles. The operation had taken place at the German Hospital on July details of the case further than to state that the artificial anastomosis between the transverse and ascending colon had been but had been completed by a double row of continuous catgut suture. It is said to be indicated in old primiparse where there is great rigidity of the parts with weak pains, when there is danger from eclampsia, after premature rupture of the membranes, when the pelvis? is flattened so that the head of the child will not engage in the superior strait, and when the cervix is rigid or cicatricial as a result of venereal disease, carcinoma, ulceration, or operation. One acre will dispose of the sewage of from For broad irrigation the land is underdrained, and the sewage applied so as to utilize it in raising crops. He had himself made a number of experiments recently, by which he had been able to show, I.

Case n., in which the disease ended in death, the patient came of a markedly consumptive family, had a strong alcoholic habit, and had contracted syphilis three years previously. In the present unsettled state of the question a case reported clinically, without any post-mortem examination, was valueless as to the establishment of specific pulmonary syphilitic lesion. Sydenham, guided by his genius, endeavoured to recal the practice to the rules of experience. Afterward this young lady married and had a and suffered with dysmenorrhtea. In many cases all the symptoms can be brought on Temperature much lowered, and unaltered by posture. The paraplegic symptoms of such cases are usually undistinguishable from those accompanying vertebral caries, and are (at all events in the first instance) due to compression of the cord alone. The main support of the belief entertained by some that the liberation of fibrin-ferment in the general blood-stream is an important cause of human thrombosis, is based on the results of experiments which demonstrate that the injection of various substances into the circulation may cause intravascular clotting. Iodized phenol was applied to the endometrium. Any lasting disturbance of the general condition.

Their onset is sometimes sudden; but it is more commonly gradual, the patient becoming drowsy, then semi-comatose, and finally, perhaps after ranissions, passing into a state of complete stupor. By the injection of vaccine the production of immimity bodies is stimulated in sufficient quantity to overcome the local focus of bacteria: side.

There has been much and rather profitless discussion as to the degrees in which the symptoms are referable to asphyxia, to cerebral anaemia, or to interference with the coronary circulation.

Rays of light are much more numerous than those rays which are visible to the unaided eye, and hence I would.draw attention to the rays emitted "ponstel" by radium and the mysterious emanations called after their discoverer, the Rontgen rays, besides the well-known actinic rays to which we owe the various processes of photography. The presence of hydatids might be snrmised if there were a total absence of all constitational symptoms or taint and of all indications of local inflammation or softening, if moreover the patient were yonng, and especially if an hydatid tnmour were detected in the liver or some other accessible organ. For who would have thought of fearching for gum-gamboge, a fubftance of much acrimony, and frequently of violent efficacy, when taken in fmall quantities, in a tree whofe mild juices produce a fruit of fuch univerfal ufe in food, as to have originally impofed the eminently appropriate names by which it has been known to the natives from the attention of botaniits to this fubjecSI:, and firft fuggeiled the great probability of miftake in the afhrmatlon of gum-gamboge being the produce of the koutam, or kourkam-poulli, of Malabar; but, Vv-ith that diffidence infeparable from the true ipirit of obfervation, he would not hazard a pofitlve opinion, feeing the chance of deception from a dried fpecimen, and that brought from the tree upon the fpot, though entitled to little confideration, I had made many and vain inquiries for the meaning of khoddam, or coddara, (for it is written both ways, according to or enunciation, and fubftituting mutes of analogous powers, I found that koutam fignifies, all over Malabar, a made-up or mixed dllh of viftuals; and koutam-poulli, the ingredient of the fame. In health a very discursive motion of the eyes to one side was usually associated with amotion of the head in the same direction; nevertheless, by a slight eflfort of the will it was possible to turn the eyes while the head was kept steady, or to turn the head while the eyes were kept fixed. As such, not only in the treatment of nervous, but actual nutritional, diseases. The stream, regurgitant through an aperture in the ventricular septum, or through a patent ductus arteriosus, tends to damage the endothelium of the wall on which it impinges, and thus gives rise to vegeta cusps, while the greater portion of the posterior valve has completely ulcerated away, anil what remained of the right anterior valve has been perforated by the pressure of the infective pyrexia, dyspnoea, and a double basic bruit. Patient made a good recover)' in three weeks, and now, eight months afterward, was well and had gained flesh. Has recently passed the examinations at the Faculte de Medecine in Paris, and has established himself in practice high mark, was entitled the" Non-Diabetic Forms of Glycosuria." The Congress of German Naturalists and Physicians the whole business of preparing and dispensing drugs should be taken over by the State has again been brought in the south of France, at the age of eighty-three, so says the Lyon Medical, and in her will left to her physician," in gratitude for his intelligent and devoted care which had enabled her to reach such a ripe old age," everything he would find in her cabinet. When the renal veins are likewise occluded there may be albuminous, bloody urine; but with thrombosis of these veins this symptom is oftener lacking than present.

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