So far as it has extended, it has shown that acupuncture is applicable to the cure or relief of various painful affections, when not attended with active inflammation, or dependent on organic disease. In one instance last year one rendered against hiuL Our attorneys, undaunted, carried it to the Supreme Court and had it reduced gone to the Jury, but have had directed verdicts by the court because they have been so successfully defended by our attorneys.


But more weight has, perhaps, been attached to this question than it really deserves. These granulations are so contractile that the sides of the abscess are drawn together, as we observe in wounds which are healed by the process of suppuration, or as in union by the second intention. A view of the interior of the eye by means of the ophthalmoscope is impracticable. These various eggs are ultimately taken into the stomach, and in one year they have become sufficiently matured that they are thrown out to the outer world to get wings, and finally fly about and propagate their kind in the same manner as the parent hit in frosty weather, before putting it into the horse's mouth. Cones ovate, terminal, scarcely longer than the leaf" lAndley. X-ray report:" It is one of the most perfect cases of dentigerous cyst I have ever seen. Ye, also, will be filled with astonishment as ye listen to my words, unless it seemeth unto you, that my tongue doth speak deceitfully.

It is not generally known that the Twenty-fifth Legislature passed a bill, gotten up by the plumbers, regulating plumbing, creating a board of examiners to examine all plumber?, and issue a license to those who pass. The deformities resulting from paralysis were all of a progressive character; therefore effective treatment instituted before the deformity began would prevent subsequent deformity. Our attention was called to him the night after the second battle by one uk of the surgeons.

Monk, not think he remained long in this condition; when consciousness returned, he put his right hand to his head, and passed his finger into the wound one or two inches (poxet).

It is that whilst Gloucester taught us the price we may be called on to pay for the, as yet exceptional, condition of an almost total disregard of infant vaccination, Middlesbrough is teaching us the price which every place will inevitably have to pay, whether it maintains infant vaccination or not, when it has once lost control of an outbreak, and when its population has not renewed or acquired protection in early youth. With these four points as corners, a rectangle is then denuded.

Each cottage has a sleeping capacity of about forty, the dormitories being located on the second floor and ample provision made The children from the different cottages receive their meals in one common dining room, situated in the main or administration building, and also oome freely in contact with each other daily in the schoolrooms of the institution, in the Assembly Hall where they meet for worship, and on the playgrounds of the campus. It occupied the greater part of the pelvis, its cavity being the pus sac that both were left in the body. How can the course be reduced? Geography is a fascinating study, but why should our children spend seven years on this branch? The maps are changing every year: widespread intermingling of peoples of diverse habit and custom leads to some change at least in the products of a country; even climate changes.

He also places other restrictions upon its use, but as they are not pertinent to amputations, we do not care to notice them in this place; but he adds:" In addition to local circumstances, there may be certain general conditions of the patient which would render the use of chloroform doubtful.

He is said to have been by right a baronet, and was the alterer of an old play,'The City Match,' acted one night at Drury Lane for the benefit of an hospital." In Courthope's" Synopsis of the Extinct Baronetage," published" The title on the decease of Sir Charles Bromfield, the third baronet, is said to have vested in the person of Philip Bromfield, a tea-man in Lombard Street, and on his death without issue to have descended to William Bromfield, Esq., surgeon to the Princess-dowager of Wales, but neither of these gentleman chose to assume it." This statement comment or explanation; but, on the other hand, no mention of popularly credited with that right, it is well-nigh certain that he did not assume the title, for only in the British Museum Index Catalogue has he been met with as Sir William Bromfield. James Law affected such a small number of animals and were so quickly suppressed that no instance of its transmission to man was recorded. In one case he had to enter again, by tho direct method, and get t he shifting mass out. The -ttiolotty of Cancer of the Pelvic Organs, following advaiii.igcs in delivery with the axis tractor: through the curve of Carus and its evolutions therein (laiii;er of bad perineal tears from sudden emergence author's tractor none of the well known advantages of the axis traction forceps is abrogated and additional to call attention to the fact that appendicitis is a serious complication of pregnancy, and that adhesions following appendicitis may bring discomfort and danger to a patient who has become pregnant after she has recovered from disease of the appendix. Horrocks when he says that there would be some difficulties in referring certain cases of accident to private mf dical men, and it might be as well in to thopewho are" undoubtedly poor and admittedly sick." medical men the Association did in the first instance propose that every patient should bring a note from medical men, but of evidence of the"abuse" of hospitals by private medical men; this"abuse" occurs more especially in coanection with the special departments.

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