It was not unnatural that the idea of cerebral localization should have been abandoned for the time by scientific investigators. Still continued; restless at night; bowels open; tongue furred, but moist; pulse weak.

In four (II, IV, VII, XII) the clinical manifestations, such as third-nerve paralysis, paretic dementia, etc., justify the suspicion as to an antecedent syphilis. The tongue will be found dry or covered with a thick, sticky slime. But it must be admitted that there are many diflicidties in the way of the the course of a medical education.

HouzfjU' do Lehaie, Member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives.

The horse has good conformation, good quality, is healthy and very superior, but unfortunately a leg was broken.

Fear is a part of man's nature, and a necessity to selTpreservation; the difference, in this respect, between health and disease being one of degree.

It may be chronic, but is usually acute, and may affect one side or both. Hitmanus, Pediculus corporis, considered a race Pediculus humanus (Body or Clothes humanus): without. Pass the hands along to see if the intestines are knotted in any place or if nails are present in the stomach. The sympathetic ophthalmitis promptly subsided. He continued with very little alteration up to the time he applied at this hospital. The account the patient gives of its origin and progress, is, that about four months ago, a small pimple made its appearance on the dorsum of the tongue, about an inch from gradually enlarged, the whole substance of that aide berainr hard and thickened; eventually, a small ulcer formed on it, when he ehapalj who dosed him witli mercury, which was pushed on to severe ptyalism; under this treatment, the ulcer that had first appeared, increased in size, and several others were formed nearer the root, rinding the disease become worse, he soon after applied for admission at the hospital.

He is looked upon by the profession there, as belongiug to a very low grade, and his diploma as of no more value than a piece of waste parchment.


Surgery, eOAl I tOO lite by a century or two.

In twenty years of hypodermic practice, I have noted that the occurrence of vomiting has been ipiito exceptional. The base of each is infiltrated with leucocytes, then comes a transition zone, and on the outer part of the vegetation we have a coagulative necrosis, with colonies of micrococci on the surface. Enlarged inguinal and brachial glands, corded lymphatics, and general swell DISEASES OF THE DOMESTIC ANIMALS ing and edema of the limb are seen.

I be wound is now dressed with On Friday, Oct SOtm,.Mr. Of slight build and medium height, dressed in mourning, calls to see the doctor who treated her husband and little girl two years and a half ago. This sudden cessation of the seizures after the fifth day is,.according to the lecturer, a giaud proof of the wonderful efficacy of the inoculation. Dilating medium oi Quellungs-fahig, a. Jly thoughts, too, on this subject have been jotted down in. Cardiac attack; (falscher), palpitation of the heart Herz-zuriickstoss, m. On reaching some size, it usually ruptures and from it discharges a thick, yellowish pus. Rx - on each occasion when the activity occurs and is concentrated OS a pointy it is afterwards transferred to an opposite point in order to effect a complementary and compensating action; and when the two opposite effects can be produced on the same point, as when a function can be augmented or diminished from the moment when an excess occurs in one sense, another is afterwards produced in an opposite Thus it is impossible to augment an act of secretion by any means whatsoever, without finding the contrary effect succeeding it more or less quickly. Page Version 1.05