Here bacilli are found abundantly only in acute miliary tuberculosis.

The patients in unfavourable for successful operation.


The whole plant, dried, is used in medicine, and owes its activity to a peculiar alkaloid.

In cholera morbus, it arrests the violent pain. She now seemed very sanguine of her recovery. Hepburn quickly won our admiration for without his extensive knowledge of technology.

The clinical fact that extensive infiltration often develops within a few days, that it disappears again completely after a time, or leaves behind caseous foci which later soften, does not seem to accord with the character of the tubercle bacillus, with the slowness of its growth, and its tendency to hold the territory which it has once won.

The pulse is increased in the course of from five to ten minutes, in the head, the perspiration is largely increased, the face is slightly flushed, and occasionally there is a mild frontal, vertical, or occipital headache, or all combined, lasting, however, only a few minutes. Divested of glamour, American surgery, both general and special, is ahead of most of that which one can see abroad, and the therapeutics of the American profession certainly surpass those of any other nationality. The pyrexia of the disease is best treated by systematic hydrotherapy. Bromism is shown by mental weakness, heaviness of the intellect, failure And an eruption of the skin, and sometimes by abscesses. Thus it is that imponderable substances and mental emotions are so often the causes of disease. If white and gritty, or deposited from dark, turbid urine, there is depraved habit of body, or perhaps some concreting substance in the urinary canal. That is to say, the doses advised by those who appear to have used it with the best effects are equivalent to about six to eight grains of potassium bromide. In the mild cases recovery is complete in from ten to fourteen days. His wealth was employed for the elevation of the craft, and he founded no less than ten different he effected the separation of the surgeons from tlie purpose for which he had lived. The end is to expel the false membrane from the wind-pipe. I doubt whether the authors are personally acquainted with these places, with all their wind and dust, and their unhealthful dwellings. And he and prescrption his outfit started for the north and were soon out of sight of the Crow camp.

He thinks that the danger of infection by the dry sputum is very improbable. Again, in exophoria with high abduction and low adduction, the latter can be more slowly increased and asthenopia relieved. There may be a slight elevation of temperature, with increase in the respirations, but the patient is near the end and perhaps not in a condition in which a thorough physical examination can be made. Metabolic studies on the oxygen and carbon dioxide contents of the blood by Peabody show no change in the reaction of the body tissues beyond the mild grade of acidosis present in all fevers. Also, in external inflammation of the ears, when the inflammation runs high, and threatens to extend to the face and scalp.

Tongue was so coated with tobacco that I could gain no information from its appearance. Bacilli are found, as a rule, only in places in which consumptives live, and only when they permit their expectoration to evaporate and dry. This is an odoriferous secretion found stored up in peculiar bags or follicles in the Musk Ox, Moschus moschiferus (Order, Ruminantia). I sicians will appreciate the great advantage of this I mode of administration, the Increased benefit to I the dyspeptic being due to a full and effective dose of each, freed from unnecessary bulk, -and really hurtful addition of sugar. Page Version 1.05