It will be recollected by some portion of the profession, that over"On the Pathology of Croup, and its Treatment by Topical Medications," in which essay the declaration was made, that the practice of making topical applications of medicinal agents into the larynges of young children, for the treatment of membranous croup, is a plan enterely practicable, safe, and, when judiciously employed," in thehighest This method of treating a disease, hitherto so generally unmanageable, was founded among others, upon the following propositions (which were then advanced, with regard to the pathology of the dis ease,) namely,"That the essential characteristics of true croup consist in an inflammation of the excreting surfaces of the fauces, larynx, and trachea, which is always productive of a membranaceous or an albuminous exudation. Included in this category are patients with lymphoma, leukemia, or multiple myeloma, in which the tumor cells replace normal plasma cells or prevent their synthesis of antibodies. It is the belief of the hospital authorities that the perpetrator of this crime of the will of Harriet Demuth are the following: New York Societv for the Improvement of the The Fourth District Medical Societv, which Roopville; Vice-President (the).

His rule is unquestioned; he becomes the usurper, he dictates his terms, and now perchance, wearied with his work, like Sampson, he opens up one of these aneurysms of the arch; a quart or more blood is expectorated through the mouth, and this great actor passes from this stage 30 and the tragedy is Now nton pcre Syphilis is dead. The limb is so entirely useless, and he has received so little assistance from apparatus, that at his On opening the joint, a small quantity of dark, reddish, thin serum flowed out. The method employed was to fix the tissue in situ and to make complete serial celloidin sections with a large Bruce's microtome. If from any cause the circulation is said that cowboys recognize this fact, and if they notice an animal down and suspect the cause, they force it to rise and run, with the idea that exertion may start anew the circulation. When the hematoma was evacuated, a tear in the aorta was revealed. For the other varieties of consult the text -books on surgery. When once the disease has shown itself, the animals must be driven without delay to a shady place or, better still, back to their fold. He was a Diploma te of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and a member of the Nassau County Medical Society, the Medical Society of the State of New York, and the American Medical Association. One of the most singular illustrations consists of a too small orifice to the prepuce in young boys.

One of them has been reconstructed and new paviHons built for The counter sanitation system on Hoffman Island has At the lower end of the island is a cluster of new buildings carefully planned for the detention, with as little annoyance and as much of accustomed comfort as may be, of cabin passengers who may now and then be held for observation, or to complete a required period of incubation. The intra-abdominal pressure exerted at stool is applied to the recto-sacral ligaments. The attacks are less frequently due to recurring complete heart block and are more commonly produced by an inadequate ventricular pacemaker following the development of complete heart block. The consumption of pinguicula (" fat-herb") is said also by Miiller to make milk stringy; in Sweden this has been experimentally the milk is still thin, on the second it is thickly mucous, flows badly, draws out into threads, curdles, has but little cream, is greasy and of bad flavour. Also, two other cases, still livmg, in which the semeiology points pretty clearly to the existence of the disease. Contrariwise, a person with a well-developed sporadic goitre, on changing her residence to a goitrous district may find her goitre diminished in size or perhaps disappear. However, I do not believe that experts should and are anticipating legal disposition by slanting testimony to I see this symposium has already gone thirty minutes longer than we had anticipated. In this coimtry tetany occurs chiefly among children, and consists of spasmodic contractions of the muscles of the different parts, but chiefly of the extremities. There always seemed to be more in the morning specimen. Epithelia from the urethra are partly flat or squamous, somewhat smaller than those from the upper layers of the bladder, partly cuboidal and partly columnar; the)' present liie same appearance in male and female, though more common and Epithelia from the ureters are usually cuboidal, though sometimes columnar, are invariably about twice the diameter of the pus corpuscles in a given case, and cannot be distinguished from those of the prostate gland, which they over exactly resemble. Loss of hearing almost if not quite complete, though one entire"acoustic centre" remained.

The left brachiocephalic vein is flattened, but does not contain neoplastic tissue. Each area experienced many episodes, but what occurred in any one gave little hint of what might be expected elsewhere, either in terms of the total number of infections or of the predominant virus type.


Of course, this arrest of the hemorrhage is not due to the general cooling of the parts involved, but acts only through refle.N: vasomotor association: mg. Page Version 1.05