When a person is bitten by a venomous serpent or by a rabid dog or other animal, the part should be, if accessible, at once sucked strongly with the mouth, to avoid loss of time. A similar centre was opened in Aberdeen a month ago, and another is being established at Dundee. He found he had forgotten all he learned at school, and a despairing effort to read a serious book failed. After being in bed for twenty four hours, he got up to walk from the ward across a corridor attempt at reduction being made. The jury, after a short consultation, returned a verdict to the effect"That the deceased died whilst under chloroform, owing to the failure of the heart's action, the chloroform having been properly and Wk understand that the Act comprising the new regulations for the Medical Faculty of Oxford University has been advanced another stage, and that the series of formalities which have to be observed are drawinc towards a conclusion. The Investigation Committee should set statements of facts.

During these long remissions of the malady the diagnosis may be difficult; or beyond a moderate albuminuria, which alone affords no proof of Bright's disease, the patient presents but vague symptoms, such as gastro-intestinal disturbance, anaemia, and loss of flesh. Oswald, medical superintendent, in his annual report said that among soldiers exposed to its dangers the war might be producing some new forms of nervous and mental disease, but for these ample provision was being made. The medical officer of the Board of Supervision reports that the suspected rags came from England and Scotland, and not from the Continent. 45cc - if they were the real danger the point would be well taken, but no one ever seems to have accused nostrums of instantly killing the buyers. The next meeting of the International Pharmaceutical Congress has been postponed Dr. It is very much to be desired, therefore, that the tubes should first be filled with mercury, and then laid aside for two years before they are finally graduated.


Sinclair Bowen has resigned his position as assistant resident physician at the University Hospital and will go abroad to study. Certain experiments, indeed, go far to show that it is possible to materially alter the climate of even comparatively small areas by judicious tree-planting; and it is also certain that the presence of even small patches of verdure may make a marked difference in the temperature curves of places within but a few hundred yards of each other. It appears to me to be scarcely uniform enough for so special a designation or consideration. This will include sprey the nursing bottles and the nipples.

In other cases, lockjaw occurs from the effect of cold, without any previous wound, as when a man has slept upon the moist earth, or been wet while his body is heated. A chang of the" Elizabethan" pattern, and a double corrugated iron roof, with a large intervening air space, would form a most comfortable, if not very beautiful, residence, for the combination of heat and moisture with the evils of which the chang house is intended to cope; but walls of such flimsy materials would be of httle avail to withstand the furnaceheated air of hot dry climates, such as are met with in the Punjab and the deserts of Eajputana.

My own experience leads me to adopt the view expressed by Dr.

But such is not the spirit of the materialistic philosophy, which ventures to measures man's spirit with the clod, which denies his relationship to his Maker, blots out personality, ignores the existence of soul, and lefuses to recognize the very power with which it It has left the simple task of learning the nrder of creation, to assume to declare its'cause.

Practically all that is worth considering was the preservation of the writings of the ancients, for which we are chiefly indebted to the monks, working as copyists in the monasteries. I tlicn bound the woman up,"and administered a case, the midwife acknowlcdgeil to me that the umbilical cord was pulled very forcibly; and, at the inquest subsequently held, the evi dence seemed to show that the poor patient was rather roughly handled, and suffered a good deal subsequent to the birth ot the child, and previous to my arrival. The symptoms of paralysis in sudden, extensive ansemia of the brain are more easily explained than are the convulsions. The personal rules for prevention relate to the removal of contagious material, to house drainage, isolation of the sick, management of the sickroom, the removal of the sick, disinfection, etc. Eesidents in such places should have a fire burning to dry the house whenever the weather is damp, whatever the season. In ordinary fractures, he had used gutta-percha pads, drawn together by' Mai gaigne's hooks, with success. In hypochondriasis, a sad and deqionding expression prevails. Malaria worst in August, prolonged far into cool season, but rarely of virulent type. 'Their members are insolent, exacting, and tymnnical. Page Version 1.05