Recollect that, upon very young children, leeches produce an effect tantamount to that of venesection.

Frederic Harrison have so recently preceded Sir Henrj- Thompson in their reiteration of the arguments in favour of cremation from the point of view of public health and social convenience, that we need not here recapitulate Sir Henry "ingredients" Thompson's logical, vigorons, and effective pleading under these heads.

For catalogue and other information, apply to Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine, Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery. They combined the advantage of natural location with artificial works. The treatment should be to increase the fatty tissues and build up the general health.

With considerable difficulty I reached the valley of the Grindenwald, where for hours I endured great suffering. I show yon portraits taken The group of cases which I have next to describe is one to which I find it extremely difficult to give any concise name which shall, at the.same time, be appropriate and descriptive. The principal deity is in the sky or upper world, above every thing.

Those on the left side were also involved, but The extent of the enlargement of the penis was rendered yet more striking by the comparatively undeveloped state of the rest of the genital organs. There is a plausibility about this view which makes it attractive.

A solution of definite strength and reliability, representing all the valuable constituents of the in the fluid form within reach of the medical profession. Forced respiration is of especial service in doubtful cases, particularly when it is important, as it often is, to make out a differential diagnosis between bronchitis and phthisis.

Some of the ladies to try my way of making hop yeast bread. How was it, then, that extravasation and confined urine failed to excite gangrene? I collected some of the urine as it trickled through the wounds, and compared it with "progene" some subsequently drawn almost complete absence of urea. Any person suspecting what was the matter, and foreseeing such a termination to his disease, might well be nervous and irritable. Besides these, the affections that are common causes of the symptoms are intestinal obstruction, the passage of a renal calculus and movable kidney. Two years, four cases of this disease with large doses of the iodide of Mrs.

Klein had brought to the meeting.

Luke's Hospital, at the College, at College Eye and Ear Infirmary, St.Mary's Free Eye and Ear Infirmary, and at the three Free Dispensaries. It is generally deeper on the face and trunk than on the extremities.

We believe tbat it has not been extensively employed in this country, bnt the Ichthyol Company (Cordes, Hermauni and Co ), of Hamburg, now offer seveial of its preparations both for internal and external use.

I am, nates being brought close to the edge of the bed; the index linger of the left hand was introduced into the rectum, and the bones pressed well back, when, with a scalpel, an incision two inches in length was made in the median line down to the bone, and its attachments severed from it as far as possible. In the conservation of nature's forces. Page Version 1.05