If leeching, however, failed to relieve the pain, and hydrochloride there appealed any risk of the bone becoming implicated, I should certainly advise incision. The convalescent Ipraiich of the Hospital for.

The author says that he has nothing additional to offer in explanation of the arterial murmvirs produced by the electric-light bath. When this union of these lateral folds does not take place, and these two external processes from the blastoderm remain separated, there will result an absence of the scrotum, and each side will have the gross appearance These two separated parts leave on the median line a fissure, which extends from before backwards; sometimes this is very superficial, sometimes, on the contrary, it is a true hollow cavity, more or less funnel shaped. The treatment consists primarily of the treatment of the second degree, until the ulcer limits itself and becomes stationary. A course of experiments upon the on the nature of the food of the inhabitants of the Madras Presidency, and on the dietaries of prisoners in Zillah jails. Cholera, a dLsease of the nervous system.


Patients with hearts greatly exhausted by chronic disease as phthisis, pernicious anemia, and similar troubles are occasionally seriously embarrassed by the increased demands of the altitude, even though no physical exertion be made." This seems quite true, and if heart cases, on going to a reasonable altitude, show dyspnea from loss of compensation, it is best, even after one failure of compensation, to go to lower altitude. The than in any of the three pieccding years. Illustrated by the experiments of Mr: mg. The treatment should not be carried beyond the production of a slight erythema.

Laudanum and hyoscyamus were given, and In another instance the hemorrhage was fatal, although the wound was limited in extent. This assists in the circulatory removal of the chemical products of tissue activity. He Urges that the rule ought to be more strictly observed (25). It is anticipated that the" projet" will soon become law; and I have good authority for stating that the facts published in the little work entitled'J he Truth About Vaccination, which was to a great extent reproduced in framersof thelawfor introducing compulsory vaccination in this country: buy. KuichlinjK (E.) Report on the unsanitary condition Cancalon (A. ) The lesions of cholera; a report Doj'cn (E.) Recherches anatomiques et experiinentales TJntersuchnngen iiber das Verhalten des Korpergewichtes Herniauii (R.) On the changes the iinirual secretions.

After an hour, bloody coloration of conjunctiva of both eyes; some red coloration of urine forty-five hours after operation. The second part, which is devoted to general semiology, presents the conditions which will produce deviations from the usual values of the urinary constituents, i. Abernethy recoveied from tetanus, being treated upon this principle. Notes et observations sur le tdtanos trau. Written by a doctor fif physick in tlie. It is probable that the recent acts of the Council have been the cause of so large a number of members having joined the Association; as they have thought, and with justice, that those acts have been regardless of the wishes, and injurious to the interests, of the members generally. Tabular statements of receipts and North West London Free Disi)ensary for Sick Children, W.

In the opinion of the meeting, the proposed measure will have a degrading influence upon the members of the College of Surgeons, by requiring them to register as licentiates in medicine and surgery; and the institution of a special instead of a general examination in midwifery will give rise to invidious distinctions. When there is very severe smarting pain or when violent delirium accompanies erysipelas of the head, an ice-bag is said to give great relief, and to be altogether harmless. On the other hand, it not unfrequently happens that a male patient derives syphilis from a woman in whom a soft sore is the only discoverable primary lesion; and the best observers have been obliged to allow that they have seen instances in which a sore that has at any one period been indurated has been followed in the ever saw indurated chancres in the very class of women from whom the men who come to the institution derived their venereal diseases. Alison's report to the Commissioners, as quoted by Prof. But in typhus and in relapsing fever we have diseases to which such a view is altogether inapplicable; and, in the exanthemata, fever or other constitutional symptoms generally precede the cutaneous eruptions by a considerable interval of time. Page Version 1.05