In his own case, the speaker said, the patient also had bilateral cataract anil there was a congenital absence of certain muscles, such as the sternal portion"i the pectorals.


And, Thirdly, Their different Magnitudes: He ers rather than through others, becaufe they find thoie Strainers filled with a Liquor of a Nature homogeneous to their To difcover it, take (faith he) a piece of Clothy dip it firfi in OiU then in another lame may be faid of a piece pf Paper firfi: dipt in Oil, when the Particles of Oil only will pals through, and not Water, or Wine poured thereon; but; if firft dipt iq Water or Wine, the Oil has no Adinittance.

That this is a sad commentary on the benighted condition of British therapeutics I took occasion to point out on the following day in the paper mentioned in your London letter. Most of the Christmas gifts are provided by the patients, who are hap pily at work for weeks before; but friends came also spontaneously in aid, with pretty, useful, and welcome gifts.

For the relief of this obstructed state of the intestines after tablets an operation, Dr.

It ferments milk with slight acid production but without clotting it.

While lying down she would try to about the epigastrium, which increased over the body generally, and in forty-eight minutes the animal was dead. The subject is further complicated by the possibility that the bacillus may be introduced without producing any local eflfect spinal marrow of tuberculous animals not affected with meningeal tuberculosis. The dose of the extract was gradually increased until on the treatment was suddenly discontinued, and in two or three days of July a diabetic diet was used, but after that time a diet including potatoes, bread and macaroni was permitted, without any return Witli a view to deciding whether it was the combination wliicli was beneficial, one or the other of the drugs was suspended; and in either event the glucose and quantity of urine increased. Stevens, the results of which are reported in his work that solutions of certain salts have the power of communicating a florid colour to the blood out of the body, and that in certain diseases, in which the blood is characterized by its dark hue, the salts are deficient in quantity.

It is, he conceives, from the result of seventeen years of study and practice,"on the medium of the surface that we must principally depend in the cure of nervous debility or uk irritation.""In the sulphate of quinine, and the salts of iron, zinc, and copper, as well as the vegetable bitters, combined with alkalies and gentle laxatives, I have found most admirable adjuncts, but never yet did I succeed with them alone in curing any case of nervous or medullary irritation, which had advanced so far as to assume the character of any organic disease." To remedies which produce"a cuticular irritation, such as blisters, ointment of tartarized antimony, and the ammoniacal and terebinthine linements," he has given the fullest trial, and found them all useful,"each in their own way and time," with the exception of the terebinthine, the stimulating properties of which he has found to be more than counter-balanced by their tendency to produce irritation of the kidneys and neck of the bladder. The gait was of the steppage character peculiar to paralysis of the dorsiflexors of the feet. All cases except one came under observation incidentally. Then we will have accomplished something to protect mankind against this terrible scourge. It should be remembered that the real trouble is hemorrhage, and that there is no excuse for letting your patient bleed to death. There is no surgeon who opposes it, and many physicians who were earnest in their opposition five years ago are now positively in favor of the operation. Even the patient or the family may have a different view when confronted with the bill. It was shooting in character, and after persisting for several months it was said to have disappeared after the injection of morphine.

As the disease advanced towards a cure, the gurgling was gradually replaced by a mucous rhonchus, and finally disappeared; a feeble vesicular respiration was then heard over the affected portion of the lung, which was probably owing to the conducting properties of the hardened tissue around the cavity. If the neurologist or the rhmologist could determine the exact area of the meninges exposed to the purulent condition that area could be successfully relieved by operative procedure and no subsequent trouble would result any more than happened in the case of the dura exposed in mastoid conditions, but the difficulty had been to determine at what point the dura was in contact with pus, whether in the frontal, ethmoidal, or sphenoidal regions. This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. There was no doubt but that the oyster sometimes carried the typhoid bacillus, but it should be remembered that lemon juice proved a protection against the infection. Canadian - the lips of the wound were then brought together, and kept in apposition by means of a single suture and adhesive straps. The weapon has marked angles or edges, as a hammer, or, as it may be impossible to distinguish them. To tiie ear the sound is always superficial, seeming to be between the ear and the chest wall. Page Version 1.05