Two cases operated upon by the author were then briefly described, one of whom died while the other recovered. These lesions were in the main identical with those which Daddi had noted in his experiments on animals which were subjected to excessive muscular fatigue as well as to prolonged insomnia; they also resembled the cell changes described in poisoning by arsenic, lead, alcohol, etc. Leukemia he defines as an affection of the blood, the prominent features of which are the increase in the lymphadenoid tissue as film well as in certain groups of the white corpuscles.

The specimen is then washed free from any blood that may be on its surface and is it is left for from a few coated hours to five or six days, depending on the size of the specimen.

Each surgeou will use the method he likes best to render the vagina and interior of the uterus aseptic. Frequently the walls of the vessels are changed into fibrine. During tliis month the patient was feverish, coughed more or less and showed symptoms of malaise.

By such means we may generally make the disease at least endurable in every case. According to researches of Bornemann (Therapie der Gegenwart, cent. In the pelvis there appears to be a slight exudation in the region of the stump, on the right side, but it is not marked. The latter has figured in most get-togethers at Phi Chi fraternity parties. With regard to age, gastroptosis was found most frequently between the fifteenth and fortieth years. A man may be a good communicating his knowledge to others. Therefore, these apparently harmless colds are to be taken seriously and cured absolutely as soon as possible. The former alone are of importance to the surgeon. Death The bacteriological reports are appended: growth liquefying the medium. In order to bring that work into harmony with the United States Pharmacopeia, and, further, because so much additional material has been introduced into the five previous editions, it became necessary to rewrite the book. It has in fact been impossible to ascertain in the country We think then of giving lecithine instead of cacodylate, and we prescribe the soft pills of lecithine (Clin) of five centigrammes each.

At that time, the cornea had almost entirely sloughed and a panophalmitis already begun with marked swelling of eyelids, etc.

Then, if the patient dies, we know he died of typhoid fever; if he get well, we are sure he got well of typhoid fever, and we're very glad and proud of what? Our diagnosis! How about doing something to reduce the force and numbers of principal lesions are in the intestinal tract; that the bacilli swarm there; that they increase the power of putrefactive bacilli there also, and which in turn reciprocate; that, if we can even render the intestines less fit for bacillarv propagation, we can do some good, and, striking at the"main issue of the campaign," we can reduce the total of damage likely to occur, and prevent complications and Intestinal antisepsis is the keynote to the situation.


Of all the studies, probably dissecting had the greatest attraction for us. The kidneys are injected, and present hajmorrhagic extravasations, especially when fusel oil (potato spirit) is used. The operation revealed a hematoma of the left ovary, which burst on freeing it from its adhesions. For a week or ten days the patient did badly. This, in some respects, may be fairly considered the most interesting part of the treatise. It had been brought forward in this connection, because he symptom pain, due probably to an affection of the eriplieral nerves, had been so prominent throughout the history of the case. Crile, of Cleveland, who will present The Buffalo Fresh Air Mission Hospital at Athol Springs will choleraic infants, but in view of the remarkable results obtained from fresh air treatment of children with tuberculosis of the recently established hospital at Sea Breeze, near New York, the hospital staff has decided to use the Fresh Air Mission Hospital this summer very largely for the care of such children.

Until we know, more definitely, what this subtle agency which brings about such changes is, and whether it pervades the air, or is found in light, heat, electricity, galvanism, magnetism, or the nervous fluid, or neither of these, we are certainly unprepared to attempt to modify its action. An abstract in the Therapeutic Gazette (Detroit, Mich.) amount of wood alcohol has been taken, we should expect blindness more or less complete. A teaspoonful in a glass of hot water every two hoars will Heat is terribly depressing. With Bunsen batteries, new method of Burn, nitric acid, luvolving whole Buttermilk as a food preparation Byrne operation and its application in radical treatment Broth, gelatin and agar, suggesllons for changes In schedules Brow, preservallon ot nerve supply to. In that your Committee have been disappointed, the number of correspondents not exceeding much, if any, The reporters from every county in the State, excepting Windham, have sent in communications. The principal results contained in it are already known by the extended report recollect the sensation which this report created among anatomists. This has also been accomplished by separating the bladder from the uterus and broad ligaments through an abdominal incision and by a division of the broad ligaments at their upper border, where they are "tablets" attached to the uterus.

Commission announces the following examinations: On July which to make certification to fill vacancies mg in the positions of hospital internes (male) under the Isthmian Canal commission as they may occur. Lie also i'ound infarction of the heart under other Tn animals which have died from simple inanition there is not inl'requently seen a greatly dilated heart, especially' on the riijht side. Page Version 1.05