A small but definite reduction of the chloride content of the blood occurs during therapy with bismuth subnitrate. In the case of London, the general lowering of the water in wells, and the drying-up of the smallerstreams in the surrounding districts, showed that the demand already exceeded the available portion of the rainfall, and that no extension of the supply could be sought in the basin of the Thames without serious detriment Maritime towns, if of considerable size, mu.st, therefore, have recourse to areas where the rainfall is in excess of the local requirements, as moorlands and lakes in mountainous districts, or to a source hitherto ignored by engineers, viz.

La neu OZENA, cucn blclllUH iForlldua), of PALATE, cicft. The theory of the origin of this attack is that the tonsil on the side of the face struck must have contained the streptococci and by the blow was sufficiently inflamed to set up their activity and then the scarlatina. The navy provides large mess halls and, unlike the army, does not have numerous small mess halls. Or any other specialist or practitioner who may at times require them, and in the hour of danger he will be enabled to make a judicious Learn from the little sapling which expands its roots in everv direction, some running deeply into the earth for water and minerals, others through the sands and alluvial deposits, drawing nourishments from the various foods that Mother Earth keeps in her cupboard, receiving just enough and no more than is necessary to satisfy its requirements, growing day by day, spreading its numerous branches, gladdening the hearts of men, and continues to grow until it stands proudly as high as the tallest trees around it, and finally may tower even above its fellows on account of its nutritious diet. The extensive employment of preventive inoculation against those diseases with respect to which the same is available cannot be too strongly urged at the present time, for it seems certain that in the future this is to be the most effective agent in the prophylaxis of contagious disease. The sputum is quickly dried by the hot air and then blown into the air circulating about the wards, (o be inhaled by all the other patients and attendants. In all other cases we decidedly prefer the elective version, for fear of causing a rupture in threatened cases or of increasing the tear in already-present ruptures. Lobar pneumonia, and in one very dramatic case of rattlesnake bite. As I was far removed from any medical center it was impossible for me to obtain cultures from the lesions and blood before death or from the tissues after death (purchase). For this reason, and the great need to conserve our animals, I appeal to practitioners not to be found wanting in their work as sanitarians. At this time a cystogram showed a regurgitation of the pyelographic medium into the right ureter and right kidney pelvis.

After dividing each portion, all visible vessels were ligated, including a number of veins two to three lines in diameter.

In former articles the author has drawn attention to the small number of cases of tuberculosis recorded in camels outside of Egypt.

Pituitrin is charged with this respwnsibility. It just raises the problem that there is no solution to it yet. There were eczematous patches on the elbows and knees. However, let us not overlook the fact that veterinarians of today are indebted to many students and leaders in veterinary problems who lived in that dark age but whose scruples and principles plus scientific thoughts and training have laid the foundation of veterinary science upon a sound basis. And speaking which the Secretary is supposed to do has increased immeasurably during the past lew years. The obstructions were relieved and the raw surfaces dusted normal salt solution with ten per cent glucose, two hours on and one hour off, for three days. The diagnosis is made by a peculiar fremitus; but this sign cannot always be obtained, so that the true condition is seldom learned until after exploratory incision. In general terms, the treatment is the same as for other febrile conditions. Plain food was insisted on, but he was not allowed cc refuse food because of his discomfort (anafranil).

Representatives of Blue Cross believe that the ability to offer medical service as well, will boost their sales considerably. Fisher, Carl Frederick, Garden City, Mo.

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