Allow him to lie in the most comfortable position and place a hot water bag, which contains only a small amount of water since he will not be able to stand any great pressure, over the region of the gallbladder. Mixed with Honey and taken, it prevails againft Coughs, Colds, Rheums, Catarrhs, and other Diftempers of the Lungs. It is necessary that as much as possible of the energy of the pulse-wave shall be transformed into measurable pulsatory movements of the mercury in the than in the measurement of the blood-pressure. Recently, he has had headaches and pain in the back and lower thoracic region. When I think about him I feel irritable like a caged animal It recalls my aggressive feeling; I feel restless. But as many of these were cases of hernia, bronchitis, fractures, amputations, bums, ulcers, skin diseases and the like, in which a urine examination could not have seemed especially indicated, and as no account of such examination appears in Saundby's report, it is unfair to assume was more or less constantly absent from the urine in the period in which observations were made. She had a tremor of the hands, and tonic contractures of the flexors of the fingers and toes. While, therefore, these pollens are distributed in great numbers, the quantity in the air is really only a small proportion of the AMOUNT OF POLLEN DISTRIBUTED BY HAY-FEVER WEEDS In order to ascertain the number of pollen distributed by hay-fever Six of the flowers of the bastard feverfew (Parthenium hysterophorus) while attached to the parent plant were enclosed in a small case, one end being left open to prevent the accumulation of moisture. Outwardly bathed upon the Joints, it prevails againft the Gout, and other pains of the Limbs, Palfies, Convulfions, or Ihrinking of the Sinews: drunk in White Wine from one dram to two drams, it is good againft die Jaundice and Dropfie, and opens Obftruflions of the Reins: and given to Children from a fcruple to a dram, it kills Worms, and is good againft the Rickets, and expels Sand and Gravel in Reins, Ureters, XVII. Without going into the historic presentation of this question, the present theory, which has apparently stood the test of physiologic and clinical observation, will be briefly mentioned. The superficial cardiac dulness, on the contrary, is frequently absolute, and therefore easier for the beginner's ear to appreciate. They do all Flower in Summer, fome in the latter end of May h and fome In June or hairy Chic kneed Flowers not till Autumn. The case given tuberculosis of the nasal mucous membrane, but one of primary tuberculosis of the pharynx or tongue, is a clear post-mortem report, showing of them anything else but primary cases. The Bacteriologic Diagnosis of Cholera. In view of this the rapid subsidence of the symptoms of the former disease under the antitoxin treatment while the septic symptoms continued is of the greatest interest, as bearing out the idea of the specific curative eflFect of the tetanus antitoxin, and also shows that this effect is not seriously impaired by the presence of other toxins than those of the tetanus bacillus. It helps the Yellow Jaundice, and Itays Vomiting, and is good againft the bi tings of Vipers, or other Venomous Creatures: It provokes Sweat powerfully, and therefore is fingular good againft all malign Fevers, as Meafles, Small Pox, Spotted Fever, and the Plague it felf Dofe from four to fix or eight ounces. The murmur really increases during the course of the auricular systole on account Tricuspid stenosis is so rare as to be practically neglected, so that a presystolic accentuation at the end of the murmur is practically pathognomonic of mitral stenosis. Curettage was performed without benefit. Although certain vegetable cathartics are called"tonics to the bowel muscle," it seems evident in practice that the more frequently a patient resorts to artificial spurs for defecation, the greater will be the ultimate demand of the innervation of the bowel for such stimulation.

When one compared what these pioneers had accomplished with the limited facilities at their disposal, it seemed that they who were working today suffered by the comparison: purchase.

Avana - the disease may be transmitted from one monkey to another, and it has been kept going in some thirty-five monkeys up to the present time. On going home she saw a disgusting looking drunkard.

Examination of heart, lungs, and other viscera failed to disclose the existence of organic disease. In this case the extrasystole appears in the sphygmogram as an interpolated without increasing the interval between them.

There is too much of the go-ahead in American medicine; and yet, with the American practical good sense, the active element may be so softened down and regulated, that the American profession may assume a position superior to that of any country. In a case of infection with Tsenia mediocanellata observed by the author this failure depended upon the passage of immature segments and the evident arrest of the development of the proglottides. The glomerular tufts are large, devoid of blood and richly cellular. As soon and found the os uteri entirely closed, and the cervi.x ol)literated; the uterus forming a solid tumour, fixed and immovable by any pressure of the hand or finger. I use it for acute and chronic cases alike. This condition, found in stomach and intestinal disorders, was formerly described as" lientery." If there be a fistulous communication between the stomach and intestine or between a loop of the upper and a loop of the lower intestine, more assimilation of the food.) If excessive decomposition processes take place in the intestine, the diarrheal movements will exhibit a peculiar foamy character.

Guinan, Edward R., First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps. The sound introduced into this ulceration can be felt from the outside through the external integument.

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