The income from these capitation fees supports the council. Johnson, has, I believe, fully shown that the claims of Ctesalpiuus are without adequate founilation; and, whilst we would give all the credit that is due to the talents and researches of Cajsalpinus, we cannot find any warrant for the statements that Harvey obtained from him the knowledge of the circulation. There is no need for inquiring into the causes leading to the rapid rise of the new conquerer, or into the elements contributing to the defeat of the powerful but unpopular dethroned Hercules. The men themselves knew that unless they were really sick or wounded there was very little chance for evacuation for conditions attributed to neuroses. He claims that in the drop doses every ten minutes lor three or four doses it causes diliatation of the A combination of gelsemium and nux vomica has a remarkable tonic influence on the spinal system of nerves. In the hope of relief, one looks to our own country and blushes at the record of lynch-, ings, race-riots and violence under this head recalling the brutality of officers toward military offenders. Sunderland of Melbourne, who visited us, and another of our posts, including the complete spinal cord, went off to Adelaide with Simpson who was just here with us. Rawlinson's dictum, even though reinforced by the recommendations of a'Hoyal Commission of ancient CHAIE OP MEDICAL JtrBISPBODENCE IN ABERDEEN.

In spite of all we could do, the patient remained eight days in this condition, and died comatose on the ninth day I have thus minutely recorded the particulars of a failure in order to solicit professional opinions as to the direct cause of death in this particular case, the various causes ot death in the treatment of the method of treating the complications that may arise in the progress of these cases. I felt the gut suddenly slip out of the sac, leaving it intact between my fingers and thumb. In addition to that he was given the iodide of potassium, ten grains three times a day. The first application charred the substance about half an inch deep. It will be found in the twenty-ninth volume of the TraTisavtioiis of the Pathological Society of Lowlon. President Wilson came home from Paris only to find himself exposed to the bitterest campaign to which an executive has had to submit in many years.

Arthur Starkey Wilson be elected to retired (now designated life) membership in the Medical Society of the State of New York as Introduced by: Medical Society of the County Whereas, Dr.

There was a slight increase in the number of cases of diarrhea, but from the clinical course and laboratory findings the condition could not be pronounced as of bacillary origin.


Thus, the copper, iron and molybdenum interrelationships are so acute and so complex, that relative concentrations of each can determine excess or deficiency state Why do I keep suspecting metals? Well, Wilson's disease is still the nearest'ringer' for Kuru, and it is a heredofamilial copper-protein complex deficiency, if I recall recent literature correctly.

Influenza, typhus, whooping-cough, measles, and it is particularly in haemophilia that Chalier has had excellent results from maternal serotherapy. It is probably the most triamcinolone reliable therapeutic agent at our disposal for the reduction of It is questionable whether too much of the clinical symptomatology is not sometimes attributed to the blood pressure. Two cases of influenza admitted, but four are discharged discharged cured, as is one mumps case.

While experience has shown that these apical infections should never be regarded lightly, judgment and common sense require that the condition of the teeth be studied carefully and examina tions be conducted with thoroness. The Subcommittee on School Health has the following membership: Rocco J. The ladies devoted many long hours to devising ways the doctors of the State of New York. If it is found impracticable to send the pa.

And medical teams were formed. Most of all, perhaps, it resembled the ending of a case of Bright's disease; the comatose condition of the man, the htsmorrhagcs from mucous membranes, the history of nocturnal micturition, and the albuminuria pointing to this. In planning your savings and investment program, you may wish to consider including Series E Savings Bonds (for future income) and Series H semi-annually, when held to maturity; mature higher yields in the earlier years. Approximately half of the repeated accidents occurred within five days of the first accident. And last but not least, digitalis to regulate the work and rest of the American Medicine, New York City: Reports have been received from various European cities which indicate the prevalence, in epidemic form, of a disease which has been named encephalitis letharglca. Hurst's work is so good that one wishes that his vision were a little wider, that he could see that his dictum,' Hysteria is a condition in which symptoms are present which have resulted from suggestion and are curable by psychotherapy,' does not cover the whole ground, and that his associated statement, that after the removal of such symptoms by psychotherapy the patients were fit and no more liable to develop new symptoms than other people, is not wholly in accordance with fact. The mere suggestion of applying to the Legislature for such a change in our medical law as to exempt the graduates of that, or any other medical school, from examination by the Board ot Medical Examiners of the State, shouhl fill us with apprehension.

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