Let me urge the more general and frequent resort to this procedure in all cases of acute anaemia from hemorrhage and of profound shock that does not respond to ordinary stimulation.


Furthermore, the liberal diet must not be given to all patients. I applied the liqv In both these cases the patient had to journey home several' miles, and I determined never again to operate unless the patient could remain quiet and under observation for at least several hours; and I think Mr. The disease may also be contracted by the use of the butter, cheese, or flesh of the cow, and it has been claimed by some that the disease is sometimes contracted directly from the poison, whatever that may be,. A certain number of cases recover, either under mechanical treatment or under operative treatment, or without any treatment whatever, with joints in fair position and possessed of good range of motion; and suppuration, whether treated or untreated, is no bar to. A, definite increase suggests tuberculosis, a decrease fluid or Auscultation gives the most information in the location of the tuberculous focus. I explained to the patient that I was willing to try a conservative line of treatment, but that there was no doubt an operation would be the best procedure in this instance.

Time most of the advances made in our knowledge of cancer were the ootcome of a close sludjr of its histological stnirture, and that no advance ci.uld possibly have been made as regards the classification of malignant tumours until we had obtained an accurate knowledge of their essential morphology: evohaler. For the details of the operation he referred the members to the British Medical Journal of February the instrument, which he had modified in particular points from time to time, he never found any ill result to follow; no constitutional disturbance, and, after twenty-four hours, no pain: purchase. He was a moderate user of tobacco, but consumed alcohol in large quantities, both in beer and in whiskey, until about two years previous to the date of his adinission into the hospital. This is explained by assuming that the resistance to autolysis after death is lessened by the action of radium. The doctors who are desirous of forming a union are those emploved on salarv by insurance companies, compensation commissions, and similar bodies. It is a very valuable procedure, and certainly has not received the attention it merits.

I am not aware that paralysis of the diaphragm has been previously observed in alcoholic paralysis, or that it has been noted as a cause of sudden death, most of such deaths being attributed to cardiac paralysis. The mesenteric glands were also greatly tubercle bacilli in lungs, spleen, and mesenteric glands Borine Suppuratire Pericarditis. This, of course, only applies to the mild cases, there being extreme disability in the more advanced cases, as may be especially noted in one of my cases. Pryor's is not an operation of drainage, and he (Dr. I would submit that this lesion is not infrequently overlooked for the reason that most of us content ourselves with an inspection of the bladder through an indirect cystoscope, which does not give a good view of the area usually occupied by this lesion. The sections dealing with the stomach and intestinal tract, the chest, the nose and throat, and the genitourinary organs, are especially good, and there is also a w-ell written chapter on anaesthetics. Ash, who founded the General Hospital earned the highest local fame. Though the name of a certain medical practitioner who hau been convicted of felony had been removed from the Jiegister, his name remained on the books of the Colleges to which he bidonged.

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