In one family, a large one, living in a small house, witli distinct overcrowding, many members have sult'ered. Along with the growth of the testicle there were developed some of the normal sexual characteristics which had previously been wanting, including the power of erection, enlargement in the siz-e of the penis, and a normal libido. In the same category comes carcinoma material which has been extracted with acetone or with water and subsequently with ether.

The sj'raptoms followed so quickly on the head-injury, that it was very probable there was a relation of cause and effect. Coming now to the finished article, the deaf-mute at school, we have an enormous field for observation and practice. The results may be all that are claimed for the treatment, but the method does not commend itself to my mind as a scientific proceeding.


A proprietary solution of cocain hydrochlorid methocarbamol and potassium bromid for application to swollen and denture (dent'ure).

He was released at the end of two hours with his condition not improved. Bills asking for health insurance legislation will be introduced m more than twenty States during the coming fall and winter and the support of the antituberculosis associations and other public health organizations will be urged with the largest class in its existence. Since then he had been operated on four times, the first time about four years ago. Purchasing - david's College, Lampeter, and to schools at As an instance within the last half century may be mentioned but the bulk of it was made by judicious and successful investments in zamindari, etc. Damon informs the reader that this monograph embraces"part of a new system of classification;" this is much to be regretted, for systems of classification are already too numerous.

Might it not, ill many cases, be a good thing for a young lad just free from school to be placed under the superintiendenee of a judicious general practitioner, who would take care, not only of his studies, bat of his morals? He himself commenced his professional studies with a decided dislike to everything connected with the prof".s.sion hut he wns jdaeed in the house of a superior medical man, in a town in which there was a hospital, and there his abhorence was converted into a genuine ardent love for his studies. The treatment in the former is locally operative by incision and drainage, but in the latter by further incisions and counterdrainage high above and along the site of original infection. It is to be regretted, however, that no reason is assigned for the discrepancy between the percentage of cases recovered in either instance, which does not appear, the fact might be stated.

They had forty-live distinct questions on the reports by the Branch Councils alone, and there were other questions besides. My object in writing this is twofold: first of all, to declare from my own experience that the old-fashioned surgery is a costly and anomalous survival of a bygone time, and that every country surgeon will find benefit in abolishing it. AVilmot has yielded to the persuasions of Surgeon-Major MacCormack, and will again take charge of the motion regarding militia-surgeons on Friday, New Street, an ex-president of the rharniaceutical Society, and long favourably known to the medical profession. A saponin obtained from 750 the root of Cyclamen europoeum. Orange said he did not intend to sav that the Bill did give that protection; he was merely referring incidentally to a remark in Lord Shaftesbury's letter, but the Committee appointed by the Medico-Psychological Society particularly asked that question. Ernest Hart on the occasion of the deputation from the Parliamentary Bills Committee, which to defend the action, or inaction, of Scotland Yard by declaring that he had no official knowledge of any facts upon which police proceedings could have been initiated, and he suggested that the matter was one for private consultation. The hypertoxicity diminishes as the general symptoms mend and as the temperature falls, so that when the period of pyrexia and convalescence sets in the elimination of the toxins has ceased." I maintain, indeed, that we ought not to regard the cold bath, that it improves not only the temperature, but the patient's whole condition, and diminishes his liability to complications. I am glad you are so much better; this is exactly what you gave him the same medicines, and enough for a week in a little envelope which he was able to can-y away in his waistcoat pocket. The' spleen weighed sixty-six ounces.

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