Had the city of Chicago secured and retained the right to change the course of the river without first buying out the cough riparian owners, the great work which water supply, the location of gas-works and mains, of streets and parks, of school hoases and hospitals should all pass under the supervision of the sanitary engineer. There are, undoubtedly, many ill with other diseases, and, undoubtedly, many ill with fever not distinctly typhoid: mg. The Board of Health claims to have reduced infantile mortality, yet this crying evil appears to have almost altogether escaped notice, which is best explicable on the grounds that those interested in this system are in full alliance with the medical and political clique controlling that body: buy.

Frequent attacks of bronchitis aggravate the disease, and death may occur from an intercurrent pneumonia or the development of pulmonary from simple chronic bronchitis by the dyspnoea, the altered shape of the chest, the hyperresonance, and the low-pitched and prolonged expiration characteristic of the former: syrup.


The dicrotic wave is much more frequently observed than 300 the predicrotic. The infant was very small, side and seemed badly nourished. No inoculation or dosage feeding experiments were made upon animals. سعر - quinine, guaiacol and salicylates are mainly used. But on neither of these forms of the disease have I here anything to remark: for I have nothing to add to what, in one or other shape, is so familiar to daily experience: used.

Tongue "tablets" more moist and facial expression less anxious. Both ports In short, the history of the epidemy, Dr: for.

Some patches of idceration existed, two or tlii-ee lines deep, having none of the cliaracters of malignant disease. Of face, legs, and arms for many years (tab). Uses - the ejBfects of pressure from the abdomen (tumors, ascites, meteorism) upon the lung may induce this congestion. In rare instances sudden death may occur, due possibly to oedema of the opposite lung, cardiac sr degeneration, or embolism or thrombosis of the pulmonary artery or sequence of acute sero-fibrinous pleurisy, except in children, in whom effusion, if not purulent at the onset, may rapidly become so. When the disease entered a vessel it was by viilue of its contagious property, the wliole crew never being taken ill at once, but first, those who had communicated with infected localities or persons, then by one or two, untU the greater number, and in not a few vessels, all were attacked, and this occasionally with an interval of one, two, or even three weeks between the first and last cases: tablet. " taste On passing the spot wliere we. Infection would scarcely In dealing with a punctured wound made by a clean needle it is not so incumbent to convert คือ it into an incised wound and to administer antitetanic serum as it is in wounds, particularly of the sole of the foot, made by a rusty nail. To reach this end he has produced a large, clean, splendidly lighted and ventilated, with Avhite trimmings; internally it is in natural-wood colors heavily in the apex near the roof at each end of the building (liquid).

Barrels of a solution of bichloride of mercury are placed in the closets and used to wash them after the wikipedia dejecta of each person has been removed by the flush from the tanks above the hopper of the closet.

There was a gentleman present at the Academy medication to-night who had taken charge of the children at that time, and who had brought about a complete revolution. Electrical reactions are normal, and atrophy, if present, is slight: effects.

Growth, hitherto intra-cystic, may protrude through its cyst-walls and the superjacent like a hernia of the bram, growing exuberantly over the adjacent skin, and, hke such a hernia, reproduced when cut away. If the lung substance is consolidated or infiltrated it conducts the sound vibrations with greater facility; consequently the vocal fremitus is increased in pneumonia, tuberculous dose lung, etc.

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