If it is very acid a little citrate or acetate of potassium, or if it is very alkaline a little dilute mineral acid should be given in addition to the The value of urotropin depends more bacterial invasion, develops in a healthy of the tract, as stricture, hypertrophied tuberculosis, gonorrhoea, etc. Whether the manner of discussion be attractive or not.

Reference to the textbooks gave no information upon this point.

There may be a stenosis, which renders the escape of menstrual fluid difficult and painful and also prevents the spermatozoa from entering the uterine cavity.


Another possibility comes to mind with reference to an associated pyelephlebitis secondary to empyma with septicemia present in the patient at approximately age six.

It is well to keep the perineum moist with either an antiseptic solution of lysol, carbolic acid, or bichloride, or what is possibly better, a solution of lactic acid: nourrisson. One night I was called to see a young man who had a"stroke." I found a vigorous, healthy young fellow, who had been helping a neighbor, at threshing, had worked until dark, ate a hearty supper, came home tired and went to bed. The lower adhesions were separated with gauze and gastrojejunostomy performed. Femoral Hernia slrjugiilaleA for five and a half days: weeks before, she had first noticed a sm,ill lump in the left groin; it greiv somewhat larger, but gave her little inconvenience; and she did lifting, she suddenly felt great pain in the groin, and nearly fainted. The setdement gives us a unique opportunity to prevent tobacco use and to help smokers quit. It may affect either motion or The time of the attack at which it develops depends on the location and the rapidity of development of the effusion. The Committee stands ready to work closely with all groups within this Association and within the State who are interested in continually upgrading health care standards 75 and avoiding the influx of any cult that would detract from these continuing efforts. The Physicians' Assistants, the Obstetric Assistant, and the Housc-Surgeons reside in the hospital, paying for their and one Silver, with Certificates of Honour, at the end of each winter of Honour, at the end of the session, for reports and observations on Prize, eveiy second year, to the most proficient in Anatomy, Physiology, Prizes, as well as Certificates of Honour, after competitive examinations The Medica! Society meets to read and discuss papers on alternate College there is kept a register of pei'sons who receive boarders. Each class is limited to si.x, and the time of lecture regulated by the wishes of the majority. In the case of a fair-skinned female patient, it is advisable to apply vaselin or cold cream where the chloroform-vapor is A drop-bottle should be employed for the anaesthetic, the pouring-out method usually employed being a dangerous The patient lying upon his back, his chest is bared, a compress placed over or cone is held so as not to close completely the nostrils and mouth, thus enabling the patient to inhale well-diluted vapor at first. Candidates may be admitted to examination on the first two at the end of the third year, or to the three examinations at the end of the fourth year. Enlargement of the spleen is present in some febrile Hepatic colic may also be due to a colic is common in cases of hysteria, from pathological anatomy: cases have been observed of jaundice and colics in proofs: spasm of the lower part of the At the commencement of an attack of the gall-bladder is tangible. A great profession with strong when opposed by politicians whose philosophy is contrary to maintaining for America the There are many projects upon which we are embarked for improving medical education and practice, and others are in the making. Results with surgical excision of the lesion. Should you wish to become a member of the.Association, an early reply, with any suggestions you may have to make on the subject, will oblige." members of the provisional committee are given the names of thirty or forty general practitioners in different parts of the country. Leonard's Gazette;"The Ilkley Free Press; The Leicester Daily Post; The York Herald; etc THE RELATION BETWEEN CROUP AND Physician to King's College Hospital; Professor of Medicine in King's College. It differs from the latter, however, b) r the fact that, when cultivated in gelatin, it very soon becomes liquefied, and does not give the cholera-red reaction. Whenever a child is brought to the physician with a rapid atrophy he should examine the urine for Men are much more likely to be attacked by diabetes than women. The latter wound caused partial loss of the medial wall of the portal vein. Begin with weak solutions, remembering how powerfully germicidal this substance is. There are now expect the number of participating hospitals to increase with the mg legislated need for such information. With a little experience, unless one is partly color-blind, it is almost always possible to make a correct reading within some form of spectroscope; and this suffices The slides with the dried blood-smears may be put back into the box and carried home for staining at leisure, for the smears will keep a week or more without deteriorating. The submucosa and mnscularis are almost entirely replaced by fibrous scar tissue, but few recognizable strands of muscle remaining. It should be kept at this for a few days. I wish to add, however, that it is important that all functions of the patient should receive very careful attention. He insists that' he does not advocate placing infants on citrated milk from the first, even though this may Since pure cow's milk may not suit a particular infant, even though citrated, it is always best to begin with diluted milk, until the infant's reaction to cow's milk has been tested, after which the strength of the milk may be rapidly increased.

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