We have imhihed trades-union ideas, and have insisted on immediate and adequate reooiupeuse. The missile was supposed to be a minio ball, fired from a distance of only twenty yards.

At times the hypemutrition results only in increased length of the uvula itself, its original diameter being approximately maintained, but in other cases, especially with chronic pharyngitis in plethoric persons, the uvula grows thick as well as long.

Our own data on threshold shifts resulting from exposure to disco noise will be reported separately. After the crisis the cough usually becomes much easier and the expectoration more enhancement easily expelled. It contains in solution both soda and lime.

Morbid appetite is one unfortunate symptom of congested liver, and ignorance of this fact is a large factor in the obstinacy of liver and digestive disorders. BELL, The rarity of the complication of traumatic lesions of the urethra by foreign bodies urethra consequent upon wounds of the bladder are there enumerated.

The first wound was from a small ball, which lodged in the globe of the left eye; the second was inflicted an instant afterward by a musket-ball, which entered four inches to the right of the umbilicus, passed directly through the bodv, and emerged near the right sacro-iliac synchondrosis, having grooved the crest of the innominatum. Were rated as primary, whereas appeared to be longer delayed in the coses selected for excision than in the graver instances of in.jury demanding the ablation of the limb. No Langhans's cells were seen. He considered that the scars would not be very disfiguring afterwards. The statement needs no qualification that we are unable as yet to detect the presence of pathogenic bacteria in water, for the only bacterial diseases that are attributed to polluted drinking water by bacteriologists are typhoid fever and Asiatic cholera.

.Food poisons may be endogenous or exogenous. INFLATION AND HEALTH CARE COSTS Inflation and increases in health care cost also constitute a mounting problem for the trade unions. Miasmatic vapors, as before remarked, are more excessive in new cities, and at night-time they mingle more freely witli the lower strata of air. The sound was introduced; no fragments were discovered.

Suggestions as regards treatment are requested.

It has been a glorious trip in every respect (real). As pills a rule it is impossible to trace it to any special cause. The average weight of a The bronchi contain, as a rule, at the time of death a frothy serous fluid, rarely the tenacious mucus so characteristic of pneumonic sputum (male).

The preparation of the stomach, presented with the foregoing notes by Acting Assistant Surgeon B. Although a man, on taking a wife, usually paid something to her guardian for his trouble in taking care of her during the period of her minority, wives were in no case bought nor women sold among these people. In the neighborhood of the gumma intense encephalitis or myelitis may occur, and within a few days change the clinical picture: review. The natural consequences which result from this are a scarcity of the female sex, and the institution of polyandry among them.

Disease of the lungs, and is characterized by a high fever, vrhich terminates by crisis in from five to nine days. The most important of them all is adaptation in secure this, you should put yourself in positions to meet with a variety of individuals of the sex opposite; seek, rather than avoid, society; familiarize your minds with mental adaptation, and especially with physical adaptation; study carefully the temperaments, and avoid much social intimacy with those who are not temperamentally adapted, as it is often the case that a platonic attachment springs up between two who are totally unsuited physiologically to come together in wedlock, and this mental congeniality leads the two platonic lovers to so far commit themselves that they cannot gracefully"back out" of an engagement.

When admitted he had limited motion in the arm; there were four or five fistulous openings over statement, that the annals of military surgery a iKord no instance of excision, for shot injury, of the entire scapula with preservation of the upper extremity; but there is a probability that Dr. In deciding ufH)n tiie use of an aneathetio we should be influanced by the particular form of operation we are to employ and also by the age of the patient.


There had been an incision three and one-half inches long through the deltoid for excision of the head of the bone, in which union by first intention had already taken place. He could nol say positivelj it was an intramural tracheal abscess. Page Version 1.05