Both ends being tied together, the first muscle strip is fixed, thus supporting the superior pole of the kidney. The roots of lilies entered CRIOMYX'US, (Kpiopvfa, from icpio?,'a ram,' and pxla,'mucus.') In antiquity, one who had much mucus flowing from his nasal fossae, like the ram. If a Coroner in the city of New York is to be believed, the majority of them are midwives only in name, and infanticide, feticide, and murder can be justly charged against them. He showed mental hebetude, and his speech was slow and stammering. These observations would reverse Colles' law, that mothers of specific children are immune if symptoms are absent. These tickets will only be issued by the railway compauits upon presentation of a special voucher which may be obtained upon application from the Financial of fifty miles of Portsmouth the railway company bas undertaken to issue from Portsmouth and Southsea Station return tickets at a fare and a third on presentation at tbe booking office of the official member's card. From what I'lave seen of the administration of an anaesthetic abroad I am not astonislied that ether should be popular. There is one other thing I would like to say, which is brought up particularly by Dr. In accordance with this theory, treatment should be divided into two parts: the treatment of the general disease, and treatment of a symptomatic nature. The inner end of the splint should extend quite to the midline of the body posteriorly. Cocke gave as an indication for the use of vaccines.

The external oblique muscle and fascia were stitched edge to edge, dn masse, to all the structures which compose Poupart's ligament.

Symptoms of rupture were present, viz., a depression above the belly of the biceps, an unusually marked swelling of the latter, which was also abnormally near the Mager exhibited a woman who, after recovery from a severe attack of pneumonia, suffered from violent attacks of coughing, lasting for hours, and associated with expectoration of small concretions covered with mucus and occasional specks of blood. South-Western Branch will be held at Truro, on Thursdav, Croydon Division will bo hold at the Crovdon General Hospital on Sussex Branch: Brighton Division.- A conjoint nieetiut! of the Brighton and District Section ol the Hritish Doiital AssoclatiiMi and the Brighton Division of the British Medical Association will Relatiou to General and Dental Health, with special reference to will open a discussion on Some Discarded Theories and Methods of Treatment in Gynaecology,'ihe paper will be preceded by a ASSAM Branch. Miiller's researches have led him to infer, that both in man and the horse, the nerves of the corpora cavernosa are dutasteride made up of branches proceeding from the organic as well as the animal system, whilst the nerves of animal life alone provide the nerves of sensation of the penis. Lately, exertion had produced the pain, which was relieved by Examination showed diseased tonsils. Pathogeny of atrophic rhinitis is still a matter of dispute; this is duo possibly to want of attention to classification of cases and need not now be dii-cussed. Osteopathy has made its reputation before the world perhaps more because of a few occasional startling instances where a single treatment has overcome a case of long standing than by the vastly greater number who have been cured only after long and toilsome effort on the part of both physician and patient. The rules governing admission to the hospital are not quite clear.

Current Notes: Bbasch asb Ditisios Ueetikos to be held M. Looking at the matter from this point of view, the spleen rate indicated just one-half of the actual malaria known to be present. Lucien Howe of Erie County: I cannot let this excellent paper pass without some word of comment to emphasize what has been said about the importance of ear manifestations in general diseases. ANTE (L.),'before,' (F.) Avant, as a prefix, ANTECEDEN'TIA (recommended).

Randall of Philadelphia, under whose"treatment" the child died of diphtheria, has been indicted by the Grand Jury, and will immediately be placed on trial for responsibility in causing its death.

He deprecates all operations which open the canal, as he is convinced that such a course is unnecessary, complicates the procedure, and favors the Dr.

The vein communicates with the internal pudic, and the nerve with the pudic.


The work in the Orient and the Sandwich Islands has shown that there is a chance of arresting the disease in many cases and getting a symptomatic cure in many more.

Three of the cases which occurred in pneumonia, and which I myself saw, were believed to be due to intestinal obstruction, and, indeed, the picture was very like it.

This subject has a wider field for study, study of diseases of the lungs and esophagus. In general, the BuurJ expresses concurrence with the recommendations, as may be judged from the following extracts from its" The Board agree that the head of the institution should be a medical practitiouer, and they wish to emphasiza the importance of his possessing high medical attaiumeuts, of his having had ample experience in the hospital treatment of mental disorders, and of his being fully conversant with the use of the laboratory as an adjunct to treatment. Dyspnea may be extreme when broken compensation, due to over dilatation of the right auricle, supervenes. A MEtTiNG of tbe Bnckinghumshire Division was held at tbe ordered to be sent to the Council for their cons deration. It, also, affords a general approximation. The active principle of Cincho'na dosage land, fo'lia. Page Version 1.05